Totalcar – Magazine – Geely Preface: could be the Volvo S40


Although we have heard much about Geely as an investor in recent years, whether as Volvo or as the largest shareholder of Mercedes, as a car manufacturer, it has remained practically in the background. However, at this year's Shanghai Motor Show, a study has been published that deserves attention from many aspects.

The company gained a reputation for more than a real market share in Volvo's acquisition: when it did, its sales barely exceeded 400,000 per year, and last year it sold 1.38 million cars, although a large increase in eight years , still does not make the automotive giant. What they showed in Shanghai now, however, indicates where they are going. The Preface, an introductory Hungarian model, looks like a mix of VW Passat and Volvo. The exterior design is very stylish and the technical fundamentals are up-to-date: the CMA platform developed in Gothenburg but owned by Geely is known for the Volvo XC40, Polestar 2 and Lynk & Co. The interior space is rather rudimentary in some places , and suicide doors are also a rather vague solution for a car. However, the overall effect is as if the car was not too far removed from the series production.

According to the manufacturers, this may be the brand's first sports sedan, and something has been said to be part of a new palette of models for the world. Whether it's a serial product under the Geely name, of course it's still unclear, but the Chinese now have everything to do with world-class models, even on the international stage.


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