Totalcar – Magazine – A good car for everything – would it?


In New York, he launched the latest Kia study, called HabaNiro. According to the factories, the choice of name suggests that in the foundations of Niro, which may be called many, but less impressive, they have tried to create something more exciting.

The form shows the effort to create something remarkable even though the strongest detail is the red insert on the back of the car. The combination of gray-white-red-black colors is traditionally good – say, Audi race cars have been around for decades – but the fact that other easy-to-understand details are not really good indicates that HabaNiro is not really good. a series of memorable cars.

However, their proportions are unconventional – the combination of large wheelbase and short overhangs is rarely disappointing – and the off-road character is also a great fashion nowadays. At the same time, the authors of the electric drive and, at least according to the nameplate, the complete autoconducting vehicle did not think their original text was more than that. "We imagined a car that would be good for everyone and almost everything." – said Tom Kearns, head of Kia's American design studio. And that's not necessarily the best letter of recommendation, because good things are rarely suitable for anything.

Regarding the details, the HabaNiro contains some of them that are spectacular, like the four upstairs doors or floating seats, it's a shame that many of them have been beaten very often. The Kia study confirms the popular wisdom that ideas can not be replaced by diligence and rarely do masterpieces.


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