Torino Street in Madrid was also hit by the surprising London team of BL


Real and Juventus Road at Tottenham Home also beat the surprising side of this year's Champions League, Ajax, making a big lpst on 1 June in Madrid. Erik ten Hag's team will bring the Tdr. But the Dutch will only know for now the work is done.

The Dutch began to flee from the mrk, they did not leave their rivals in London in the first 15 minutes, and Donny van de Beek rvn was the leader, and as it turned out, the winner got the first quarter.

For now, only the work was done;"Ajax leader Erik Ten Hag said:" The game will cheer up. "There is no mg in prharc, but we have done a lot of finals, but we have to play better, we can not allow the Spurs to flatter the second flid, we're lucky to play in more styles." Vdelmnk hesitated, Tottenham did not know what to say, but we also had a glon in glon, but we can make a good result. the Dutch master drove.

Situations are also the most difficult words of the expert, the Ajax fiercely, and more importantly, more success in football.

The young captain of the Amsterdamers, this is also a mistake for football Matthijs de Ligt:

"We did the same thing as the Real, Juventus and Bayern. We had some difficult moments and the country continued to chase Llorent, but we found the mud and we left the trading floor." Let's go to a great position, let's win, we have a glimpse of the strange too we can convince jv weekly. "

Matthijs de Ligt's age was back with the Ajax leaderForr: AFP / Adrian Dennis

Mrkzst was criticized by Vertonghen srlse, who Cheesy, Team Head, Toby Alderweireld, Headed the Belgian hard disk had to be replaced by the case.

According to the first animals, fortunately not serious thing, two brVertonghent are pushing in lzz, after the game, the mixed znba mr is unique, s say basically, neither the face nor the nose of the nose have broken.

rdekessg that Tottenham should be familiar with the bravrode presented in the season Ajax 95/96 BL, while the Netherlands managed to advance in a decent pest in the series.

In Amsterdam, the cheerleaders agreed at the moment:

The London coaches, Mauricio Pochettino, did not give up the change, but he took the lead.

"We would not start, Ajax was much more motivated to start the game, and we are constantly improving our performance, so we should not have given rivals the benefit." I have a team and the tactics are out, and there were not many opcim due to many hinz, verdict of the border. In the second flid we play football, as we would like from the beginning, but we have solved a small situation, and we have to improve that train. Today's game is basically a difficult thing to do in Amsterdam, but we have to believe in ourselves and we can turn the prarcas into the streets. "

Mauricio Pochettino was rushed down the roadForr: AFP / Ian Kington

Tottenham captain Christian Eriksen also cheated, which failed to put the Spurs on a weak start.

In the first seven minutes we had no idea what the plynni was Ajax started well, but our weak subscriber base was also needed to win. As far as we know, we will return much more. The ninth fldi mr was fine, but our serious situation was not good at the time, and we were very lucky. Of course, Son, Kane and Tbb are, but we can not take the trtntp to those who have to put it to the max. We will have difficulties in Amsterdam, but we have a team, we are on the turn. "

If Mr. Dn dash spoke of luck, Fortuna took the Spurs completely and Lloris's hand.

Jv on Wednesday loses srga srkzst in London this is definitely the English team, who will be a big brother if Trtnete Sorn is a champion Ligja-dntt wants to play. To do this, however, the Dutch with a self-confidence will have a single word.


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