Today's movie premiere


The new episode of Toy Story, the ruin of Charlize Therones, a Casanova movie and a remake of the Horror Classical Childrens Game, awaits the audience in theaters.

  • In Toy Story 4, Bonnie loses her new game and the old players are trying to find her
  • You can read our critiques of our childhood here
  • The Casanova – Our last critique of love is here

After the lean offer last week, this time the colorful movie theaters are waiting for the national filmmakers. Today is the fourth part of the iconic Toy Story series. In the new episode, Bonnie loses the pulsing Forky game because it's better to be a silverware than a simple game. Its associates do their best to find the small Forky and in its action an iconic old character appears again on the screen.


The weekend also has something for horror lovers: the remake of Don Mancini's classic in 1988 is visible today. Chucky is targeting the family of Mark Hamill and Aubrey Plaza this time around. You can read our reviews here.


The legacy of the romantic costume of the historical cinemas is continued by Casanova – The Last Love. Instead of conquering the legendary female sorceress, she speaks to a young woman about her old platonic love. You can read our reviews here.


Characterized by Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, they feature a short piece of Little Chance, the protagonist of which is the knowledge of a foreign minister and childhood journalist who will be invited to his speechwriter. In addition to the love we have between them, we have a worldview of politics, and the agreement of Jonathan Levine can be interpreted as a critical social work.


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