This is the worst display on the smart screen


The DSCC reports on what's currently on the smart screen market.

According to the latest report from Supply Chain Consultants, in 2018 Samsung launched 13.7 billion OLED panels for smartphones. To my surprise, he was not a market leader.

LG Display has sold more, 17.1 billion OLED panels globally, and the element is looking to keep the market ahead.

Forr: David Imel

Smartcards will continue to sell, according to the DSCC, that this may cause the LG Display panel to display 24.5 billion smart OLEDs. Samsung has a huge amount of chips and ninth place can be replaced by Everytisplay Technology. The fourth is BOE Technology.

According to the DSCC, the smartphone market is in the market, where Samsung holds the first thing. By 2016, the industry was at 99 hands at Samsung, 94 last year. This time, it may be up to 85 for rivals, but Samsung will also be the main display of Apple.


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