These were the most difficult prilis 1s


Prilis 1 in luscious country, leave vidmsg, humorous or, at least, hop day. In some schools, there is a turning day in which the children of the school go to school for the children and, instead, tanulk leads the rkat. It is at the same time that success is successful. Let's present nine cases when you can discuss with your nurses or pp. And, by the end of 2019, we could not find the control panel, which could not be called unpopular.

There is a recurring tradition with pnz. The Economic Times, edited by the Indian Times, was considered a great sacrifice to present many raffles or pp, a hostile prince, all the way to the bezrlag. Brm them on the way of the day, certainly when they were blown up, they were thrown into the hands of cops, vsrlk or pp.

1922 – the great rtktszde stock market

Before the great host of 1929, it was time to retreat in the hustle and bustle of the city. At the same time, 1922 shows that the market – all heavens are against each other – at least the rays and impressions, and the movements they make, are like these. This year, Detroit rtktzsdn has a single debt, "AFP" nven. The vsrlk reaches quickly, with the $ 6 prize – in 1922, it fell – soon ran for $ 12, then hit $ 8. No one knew what he was buying, and many people rescued him, some of them could be fireworks, security technology (the AFP could be a frenzy of American Fire Protection). Vgl, an investor in the stock market, realized that the papr was not what he was screaming at, his business was unscathed, illegitimate. The bodyguard waved his hand and the brakes clutched the cheese pocket. AFP Rvidts soon became the "April Fool Preferred," and the leading fool never started shitting.

IllusztrciTo: AFP / 2018 Getty Images / Drew Angerer

1980 – with the verb kt hrom lbb

Unbelievable, but in 1980, the Dnok was hit by a single sheet of paper and ran to the national banknote, believing that his 20-crown banknotes were fake. In 1980, the central bank put into circulation 20 banknotes. One of the ballots could be a verb, but one of them was slow – one of them, and the designer Gunnar Larsen broke the birds to be just chrome. There was no need for the name Roskilde Tidende dn, and it was announced that all the notes that were removed on March 11 were false, with the sparrows attacked. For a long time, the central bank told many Llampolgrr that it is unnecessary to place its 20 crowns "valdira" because chrome variations are not false, but with the original ppensgas in the 1990s, the bloody bag, which was hardly believed by many in the past. to become prilis trf ldos.

2011 – a swallow dripping on the cat

Nha is the easiest solution for the best. In 2011, "Money", an online investor commander, started a strange ksrlet at British macskatart. The cg has established some europe brs in europe, and all cat owners in England and Wales have to pay a £ 40 pound. And since cgnl is the worst thing that both adhatsgnl and cat can be cloned, they show the sign that only prilis trf is throwing music out of the clouds: every adfiz gets a cat certificate with his pet kpp and your Adhatsg tells you that you have paid the crush of garbage.

2009 – The Great Macrogazdasgi Vidm-, market flow market

The prestigious comedy is a well-known host, a The EconomistSome people rl want to have a prilis trfra. You did a cure for mgis. We found that "Econoland" was launched in London, where "the frog of parks tmap and macro-economic excitement", and where "everyone falls", mg, even if it were not for children. However, the child's gangs ran for the rapids, the loosening of their propaganda chambers and the costumed pnzgyi to do whatever the host's trained could do (the hell of the 2008 pitches out of a jolt).

Strange farm vidmparkrl rt is a prestigious leaf (the kpen in Disney Park, California)Forr: AFP / Scott Nelson

2016- pay for the work

In India, one of the main matadors of the Urban Ladder, prilis trfaknt, was looking for nyy ve. At that time, a job seeker who hates going out of work at Gybl's is looking for a job. According to CG, many people are trying to get a job that can best be described by the phrase "the work of co-workers". Arrl has no profile comments yet.

1999 – The case of the Hungarian bank brought by Hrr

There are no people who do not want to get high interest rates on their bank accounts, of course these trends show the trend. No wonder that at the end of the year, the London Sunday Telegraph gave a high interest rate to ZEBRA (Account of Best Zero Energy Rate), the British began to look for the opportunity. According to the magazine, Loof Lirpa, the largest Hungarian bank, may reach the British shelter, and the high interest rate may be a bluish mix in which cents are made "in jewelers, swaps, options and tndrs." The page was published: there were many rdekldkt hvs, who had to explain that the name of the non-bank was reading "April Fool", ie "prilis fool".

Tndrs may also have high bank interest rates according to the 1999 scheduleTo: Getty Images / yulkapopkova / Yulkapopkova

The room of the fruit fair 2016- Ksg will go to Hz

Br in the trft in India, the acr would have surpassed the English fld. In 2016, Ola announced the introduction of a pseudo-pnzrt in the Ola-rooms of Clinical Prison, which the passenger could avoid. Under the banner, Twitter shared a multitude of well-known YouTube videos, many people wanting to have a frame where the aut could take passengers to the end, or perhaps a locked breakfast room. The CG would only deny that the bomb was truffle.

2018 – Elon Musknl will never know

The Dollrmillirdos Ktsgkvl Elon Musk is one whose music on Twitter can be more and more known, think seriously what it is or simply cheat. Last year, in a prilis 1, he was playing on a channel open to music that made a big announcement, and then spread the absurdity that Tesla had failed.

The foolish thought of the famous trf has come to a head: cg rtke has fallen for 5 days and, a few moments ago, Musk had to work hard with investors not to miss the wrong joke.

2019 – Low-cost passengers take passengers to the moon

One of Eurpa's biggest discounts, the lgitrsasga, Rynair, will reach the lunar competition and in 2035 the gips will be launched. With this cg discovered, Musk Space X and the name Virgin Galatic of Richard Branson plot a trick that soon would launch the moon krli travels. Low cost cg, a ticket to the moon? Just as the most beaten and most prestigious eyes are covered by the article on The Telegraph, it is certainly a mischievous truffle. This is also evidenced by the fact that none of the mystics of the hryvnia appeared, although such a cunning announces its location in the mdium of the magician.


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