There would be fewer tobacco shops, but they would sell paper cigarettes



János Lázár, the prime minister responsible for the protection of non-smokers, presented an amendment to the 2011 Transit Law. The most important changes to the proposal on Parliament's website are:

  • E-cigarettes and all kinds of products, in addition to the classic tobacco products, as well as their complementary products, can only be sold in a Tobacco Shop.
  • A tax on consumption would increase the filling fluid of the electronic cigarette without nicotine. However, the fluid filler tax, which is currently considered consumer goods, would decrease from 55 to 20 forints per milliliter.
  • In the future, it would be prohibited to place tobacco products, such as cigarette cases, in the trays in a lighted location.
  • The paper pocket should also be included in the offer of transformers.
  • The number of tobacconists may decline over time as the modifier says that in the future it would be possible to allocate a processing concession for 4000 inhabitants instead of the current 3000. Accordingly, in a city of 120,000 people, the number of traffic would fall to 30, from the current 40. After the adoption of the modifier, the current stores would not be closed, since the concession based on which the transformers can operate will last for 20 years and, in practice, it would not be possible to open new stores for years.
  • Illegal trafficking in tobacco outside of traffic would be punished with more rigor. So far, it has been possible to impose a fine of HUF 5 million, but this would be mandatory after the adoption of the law.

Compared to the fact that in August of last year, Lazarus, who was categorized as cigars, talked about radical ideas at a tobacco conference, this modifier is a serious step back.

Otherwise, János Lázár has a good relationship with János Sánta, owner of the tobacco company Continental. Sánta is an important actor in the Hungarian tobacco industry, for example, on his computer he wrote the version of the bill on the transformation of the tobacco market, which was then sent to the European Union by the government. In addition, the owner Tobán Toltikoltó Kft., Who has become the sole supplier of transformers, belongs in part to his own Tabán Trafik.

(Bookcover: National Tobacco Shop in Pécs on Rácvárosi út. Photo: Tamás Sóki / MTI)

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