Sunday , October 24 2021

There was no M3 subway for a mouse


As we wrote earlier, due to the official closure, M3 Metro Wednesday was not between Újpest Center and Árpád Bridge. The spokesman for the Directorate General for Disaster Management in Budapest said at our request that a cable was fumigated in an electrical locale in the underground passage of Gyöngyösi Street.

Smoking and burning were extinguished by workers with a fire extinguisher before the arrival of firefighters. They escorted everyone through the smoke and blew out the underpass.

The BKK issued a warning on Wednesday morning, during which the tunnel was opened to the surface of the land during the renovation of the northern part of the M3, and there was also a large amount of embankment during the renovation.

The opening and safety of the section of the open tunnel were guaranteed, but the hermetic seal was not feasible. As a result, she could enter a small mammal in an electrical cabinet at the subway station of Gyöngyösi utca, causing a short circuit that caused the smoke phenomenon today

– in its communication. writes: "The confusion was caused by a mouse that somehow made a short circuit."

Picture illustration shown, photo: MTI / Attila Kovács

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