The Wild Gang: The Wild West's Worst Battle


American theaters Sam Peckinpah brutlis westernjt appeared on August 18, 1969. t The Wild Gang at the same time shines in a vrvrs, and is thrown back by the romantic hat of the western genre. In the program, a critical, ethical and moral controversy was crossed, today it is a classic of modern western films – "fmve" by Sam Peckinpah, a film with which he recaptured the United States for the Italian director.

The Recent Westerners of Sam PeckinpahHard to disappoint.Dlutni puskalvsek, The Children of the Dics, Major Dundee) gradually, but rapidly, struck the reform of the mfaj, the Western "revisionist" American The Wild Gang vrb kpein vgbe. The first western western movie was directed by a veil before (the prlyt plyja on television), when John Ford of Western eyes, in many ways, seemed to oppose the classic Western epilogue. Who Found Liberty Valance (1962) and from hrom vv that Sergio Leone isA lot of dollars (1964) with a film, he gave the start of the west western gate to Eurpbl, at the top of the Italowestern. Peckinpah's westernt fan was about to get rid of America's greatest film genre in America, and the desperate enthusiasm of this mission A wild bandIn this case, Peckinpah reformed more strongly than ever, created a new species – in which case (also) the Western tradition of hskpie was killed.

The wild band (Ben Johnson, Warren Oates, Ernest Borgnine by William Holden)Forr: AFP

The Wild Gangmr in the open scene, relativize the traditional western roles. Katon enters a small cage, passing by a group of children who shoot their voices (as well as the fists), the soldiers discover that they are bankrupt, but are stolen: they fired. It is only in groups, the roles of the corridors are unfolded, and the Mexican village helps, the tragedy and the killings are increasingly with the members of the gang members savage, when they say that, according to Peckinpah, the Ffians, mg is the more unpopular. also, return to (relative) childhood in a simple way.

The Wild Gang he went to theaters more than Leone Vonce in a wild west-a, and ppgy fonkjr shows the silent people, next to all the nostalgic and Irish, hearing seriously ssrs vr. Of course, it is not the most brutal, it is not the most exalted, the stupefice takes the traditional tools to the traditional communities: solidarity, solidarity, persist in principles. The Wild Gang these screens themselves wreak havoc, killing six situations, dli hatrvidken (Texas, Mexik, Rio Grande) and sixteen sixths of 1913, but at least when the most famous civilized vkven plunged into the wild west of quails, when the modern wolf pushes the mltat (in shock: the gang is dragging one of the gang members into the street).

The Wild Band (Warren Oates by Ben Johnson)Forr: AFP

clear The Wild Gang not just the revisionist / relativist view, "revolutionary" brutalism led to Western American belief. Peckinpah is a lavish poster, acting and psychological mlsgek, kpessge character character is completely clever (at least the American szmra kznsg is not known in this form), which is an epigon, and greeting sorn t changed the American filmtnet – the least it is about the public.

It is true that Peckinpah did not catch anything, but the filmmakers (most of Europeans and the East) used the slogans, which were edited by the original and unique artist, and the shotgun, the fast-paced sluts, the kpkimerevts.The Wild Gang he became a Hollywood tool in the seventies.

In the first big film "lvldzs", the bankrupt banker Peckinpah does almost a musical rhythm: tacky rhythm-fighting music is this normal rhythm, and the kick is pulled by the combination of fast track and fake vg. the hot kzikamerahasznas s gumoptik. It's the first quarter The Wild Gang 143 minutes ago, all opposites: the Lithians are raw and mysterious at the same time.

Sam Peckinpah s William Holden The Wild Band SpinsForr: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

The Wild Gangwhen he is frightened by the rare ambivalent of cheese, he is frightened by the bright "uninhabited" eye, and the pioneers grieve in spirit and spirit. That was how the cheesecake was: Peckinpah was distorted and wrestled with anti-human chrism for the most common kind of humanity, with the wildest wild west.


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