"The Soviets had to repress the insurrection as soon as possible"


The Soviets had to abolish the 1956 Revolution as soon as possible, as it could have given a dangerous example to the neighboring occupied countries – said Dávid Ligeti, historian and researcher at the Veritas Historical Research Institute on Sunday in the current M1 channel.

The main factors and trends of the Revolution and the War of Independence are clearly visible, but there are other tasks in local history research, as the historian has said. An interesting question is why and why the intentions of the Soviet leadership changed from the end of October 1956 to November 4, 1956; this is another form of research, "said Dávid Ligeti, questioned on the 62nd anniversary of the Revolutionary Revolution.

On the issue of Imre Nagy's execution, he said: sources indicate that during the internment of Romania, the Soviet leadership hesitated whether the prime minister should be executed and, if so, how to "serve" the communist interior . In November 1956, there was no clear decision on the fate of Imre Nagy, he added.

Dávid Ligeti pointed out that Imre Nagy became unreliable, "almost counterrevolutionary" to the communist leadership on November 4, which was a significant difference from previous periods, and on November 4, 1956 the fate of Nagy Imre was sealed.


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