The self-propelled electric crossover was built by Kia


Four winged doors, autonomous mobility of five levels, 480 kilometers of electric range: one of these bold statements is one with which we can count on the future version of the Kia HabaNiro, since the current Niro EV can make a similar distance carrying one of its batteries .

As far as the other functions are concerned, they are believed to be the reasons for the growing fantasy, such as the 20-inch wheels mounted on this "all-purpose" car.

The wheelbase (2830 mm) is remarkably large and the projections are short: the 1955 mm wide car took full advantage of the use of electric drive mode space; the feeling of space is also enhanced by seats that cause the floating effect.

The car does not have a conventional dashboard or monitors, instead we have a head-up display across the width of the windshield and a concave touch screen as the interface. You can also watch movies on the HUD while the car is driving.

Among the futuristic technologies is the special self-propelled air conditioning system, self-propelled controls.

The internal environment is modified by the momentary mood of the driver, and the attractive artificial intelligence detects when the driver looks in the rearview mirror – but it is not in the car, but as soon as the driver puts his eyes on the cool spot, . It would also be possible, for example, for a car to be automatically driven by a car to a restaurant if it experiences a feeling of hunger, but according to Kia, the system is capable of doing so.

Source: Kia


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