The richest man on the moon is replenishing the moon with a full moon


With Jeff Bezos not as the foundation of Amazon, he was led by a Russian cg, the Blue Origin, and was promoted by a Boston conference. According to millirdas, the Moon Compact will not use mst as the Moon will use its CNBC.

We know much more about the Moon than in 1969, the first moon on the Apollo program – that's what Jeff Bezos said about the sale of cgnl at the "Blue Moon" conference that Nvre baptized and developed. under the moon.

The rjrm engine is a kernel element, hydognt and oxignt.

Bezos thinks that

In the Moon Crater, water that is frozen – that is, ice – can be used one day to get a hydrogen and oxygen to dissipate the reservoirs of special materials.

It was not known that the Moon was on the moon, mg in 1969 was not known. In the passages that have passed since then, this human mg has acquired the knowledge of the nearest gi ksrjr.

Bezos also develops a more sophisticated system.The Blue Moon is a great thing to bring more people and a burden to the Moon and, according to Bezos, may be a good option for NASA to reach the Moon in 2024.

New Blue Origin by Jeff Bezos ShepardForr: AFP / Blue Origin

The rturismo is being developed by New Shepherd, Glenn's new satellites and the sharks will fit. Jeff Bezos invests $ 1 billion in everything he sells in the Amazon.


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