The new video of Devil's Hunt presents a new way to demonize


Devil's Hunt is still at the Layopi Games in Poland, with its roots – supposedly or not – from the Devil May Cry series. Of course the budget is noticeably lower (the publisher will not be Capcom, but 1C), but there is a chance to get something memorable, just because of the visibly darker approach. In any case, unlike bunny-tail trawlers and images that do not say much, the PAX Easten also introduced a long playability of the title, in which the protagonist Desmond largely demonstrates what we can expect for the final version: a lot of fighting , some jigsaw, a little casual I feel great bosses.

In the history of Devil's Hunt, the War of the Angels and Demons is entering a new level, and humanity is almost completely marginalized, and the world becomes a bloody battlefield. Here comes Desmond, who, thanks to a special accident, is blessed with the forces of afterlife on the battlefield, and it is up to us – that is, to direct him from an external view – which of power. They promise a deep and revolutionary story (based on a novel with great reviews), an exciting combat system, unique skills and an exciting, overtly and secretly abundant world. The look is even more distant – as fast as possible in the fall – in return, at least on the consoles, on the PC, even through Steam.

So at the very least, Devil's Hunt will make its debut on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at some point.

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