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The "mouse" communication of the MSZP took one hundred and eighty degrees

The MSZP is not in good shape, "said the M1, declaring a specialist after another socialist turn of the" rat "scandal. On Monday, four days after Friday's "Brawl" fights, Socialists were still backfired with the "rat-driven" campaign because of party criticism, but on Tuesday they stopped and returned to the principle of defending Bangon for days, that is, that the socialists are not "rats". Ildikó Bangoné Borbály continues to be a member of Parliament, the M1 Newsletter said.

"Rat governance is taking place in Hungary" – this response was given Monday by MSZP to its information campaign criticizing the statement by Fidesz Bangóné Borbély Ildikó. The government's biggest party has drawn Facebook's attention to socialist ATV sentences since Sunday.

Ildikó Bangoné Borbély associated Fidesz supporters with rats.

The MSZP made the statement instead of resigning the representative. István Ujhelyi, a Socialist representative on Monday, already mentioned "rat governance" and then thought the term would be a decisive element of the socialist campaign.

MSZP posted a video on Facebook about the communication action on Monday. In a two-minute film, why two-thirds of the country's leadership is considered "rat governance.""On Monday, Bertalan Tóth, even the party's president, said bravely and said:" They will take the gloves and fight the lie. "

The video disappeared later

Meanwhile, in the morning, the Socialist video about "rat governance" was a cool place. "Being a campaign manager is not an easy task" – István Ujhelyi explained the disappearance of the small movie on Facebook. As he wrote, he is ready to fight back if he needs it, but they do not want to kick the moral crutches underneath. At the same time, however, the video was withdrawn because it reached its goal and adds "We do not even do a" rats "campaign.

According to the leader of the Viewpoint Group, the fact that the MSZP launches a new "mouse" video at record speed shows that

the socialists are not in good shape.

According to Sammoston Mráz, the campaign campaign catastrophe may also result in the MSZP, which was already more than forty percent, reaching 10 percent in May.

The "rat scandal" has caused serious tension within the Socialist Party "Out of the news leaked to the press. To learn, the top party leadership also dealt with the case. There they decided to delete their mouse video and presumably defend their banglone. According to research from the point of view, two-thirds of the opposition voters condemn the style of the deputy.

"I am not a proponent of gross language, I think the credible argument is generally preferable to the electorate," said MSZP László Kovács, the Hungarian nation, on the scandal involving the party's "rat" statement and Borld Bengbara Ildikó Bangóné .

The former president of the Socialists said that the leadership of the party should work with people who can put the electorate from their own side. According to the newspaper, the statement of Ildikó Bangóné Borbély it also caused internal tension in the party, the speeches were also on the agenda of the MSZP presidency meeting.

Later, the Socialists came with explanations

Although Ildikó Borbély Bangóné declared himself candid in the studio, later he and the Socialists also made selective explanations. On Tuesday, Bertalan Tóth spoke again about the representative's words. But the other opposition parties did not think so before.

For example, Ferenc Gyurcsány, DK chairman, has stated in various fora that although the MSZP is his partner and they think they have enough problems, it should be clear that the position of the Socialists is not compatible with the objectives of the opposition. However, according to Bertalan Tóth, the MSZP Dialogue is the strongest alliance on the opposition pallet, so it is understandable that they are being attacked.

According to the Institute of Research in Perspective most people are outraged by the words of Ildikó Bangoné Borbély. Of those interviewed, up to two-thirds of opposition supporters have condemned what was said. According to the Viewpoint Institute, most respondents feel that the Socialist representative should abandon him, because it is clear that government voters voted on Friday.

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