The mobile phone has become the king of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G


According to the DxOMark, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is the best cell phone in the world – connected to the Huawei P30 Prval.

In the mobile market, manapsg does not last very long, and Megdrga cscsmobiles has only been fashionable for a long time. Practically, the best models are less than flv utn mr.

The Huawei P30 Pro barely appeared on the market, the media was particularly concerned about the kpessge stretch. Of course, the DxOMark tests were also the best because of the large kpessge zoom.

Of course, Samsung has not lost, and DxOMark says it is unlimited, and the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is also the best phone.

Forr: Engadget

The Galaxy S10 5G marks 112 points in the tests, which is slightly more than the Galaxy S10 + 109 points. The P30 Pro is ahead of the P30 Pro with 2 points in front of the door. The Zoomols tern is the best of the Galaxy S10 5G, and the Mate 20 Prt and the Prt P20 are defeated. The P30 Pro comes first.

The video tern for the Galaxy S10 5G is the best, the DxOMark says the second is the Xiaomi Mi 9. The selfie kirlya is the Galaxy S10 5G.


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