The Keleti train station can be completely reborn


At the end of the week, maintenance of Keleti Railway Station is complete, but reconstruction can only begin now. It is planned to build a new passenger center with the reconstruction of the area in front of the current domestic funds, where we can also handle issues related to travel, as well as change the ticket.

Weekend maintenance ends in the east on weekends, so scheduled train services may restart at dawn on Monday – writes Magyar Nemzet. In the last two weeks, the passenger platforms have been resized, new and modern LED passenger displays have been installed, unused, old buffets and pavilions were demolished.

The railway line has been improved throughout the railway network and the necessary interventions in the network of airlinesSource: MTI / Zoltán Máthé

For the page, Róbert Homolya, president and CEO of MÁV Zrt, said that the railway line had been upgraded throughout the railway network and that necessary interventions were made in the airline network.

A new passenger center is planned

Although maintenance is coming to an end at the Eastern Railway Station, rebuilding is just beginning. It is planned to create a passenger center at the railway station, in the future, passengers will not have to move between the fragmented sales outlets of the railway station. Instead, there will be a place for ticketing and travel.

The passenger center can be carried out under the platform level, with the complete reconstruction of existing domestic funds and funds in front of the funds. There will be nine banking service stations and two service points so that, in addition to sales of national and international tickets, the information and customer service office can continue to operate here.

In addition, there is also a heléyet sales office, where you will manage group travel requests and an international self-service box office.

Construction may start in 2020

To serve passengers faster, a customer caller will direct waiting passengers to the appropriate workstation and

the number of ticket machines will also be increased from the current 14 to 26. Escalators and elevators are also built to allow passengers to comfortably approach the platforms.

The president said that the planning required to obtain a building permit is in progress, and that the public procurement procedure for contractor selection can begin in early October, and The construction of the passenger center can begin in the spring of 2020. The investment can be made using EU and domestic sources.


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