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How to change the role of small hybrid replicas will be the growing role of the hybrid electric – this is what the Aero Friedrichshafen killtson was looking for in Germany.

Replgps Zld are getting better and better

Friedrichshafen, Boden's little nose, due to Dornier's and Zeppelin's ducklings, is over a year old.

Not surprisingly, each spring, this iconic vros becomes a small piece of the Eurpa, where the developers of Aero Friedrichshafen will always be in the spotlight.

Graf Zeppelin toured London in 1931Forrs: Wikimedia Commons

In the old chrome, the electric and hybrid drive has become increasingly popular in the prestigious international army.

In 2016, the Magnus eFusion, a two-stroke Siemens electric traction system, was only released during the show, but next to Hungary's hp at the same level, the first such demonstration was presented in front of Zeppelin.

Magnus Fusion 212, Hungarian electric replgp in national languageForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

At the Mg level in 2017, a Norwegian hybrid ride in a hydroplnj and the AutoflightX with lapse of time in the cooperoc knoknmet, a pinch of replgplg is out of place.

A Tian Yu kz was

which is one of the vilghrers of electrical replications, which is based on Yuneec cg based on ltala.

By the way, the zld replgps came in "abrupt" in hall A7, and the time was almost mr in all the killt halls.

One of the 20 Junkers Passes the Killson.Forr: Dr. Varga Sndor

The hybrid hybrid replicon is developed with a trellis

j jazat is the favorite investor of the big millirdos of multi cgek. The results of zld replication are also greatly affected by the results of the electric and hybrid drive of road traffic.

Quiet once, noisy, and what matters is cheaper

According to experts, the biggest advantage of the replica is the silent fleg – the low price of straw. In places across Europe, smallplayers are not able to use sport reptiles on time due to the usual drive of drives, but these gps have a chance to open the replica.

Because of its quiet buzzing, passengers on the vibration can come together and not just communicate through the headphones.

Aero Friedrichshafen becomes the largest largest E-Repls in EuropeForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

Because low cost replicas are inexpensive, electric bends are also cheap

more and more people will be able to make the replica of the small pole, when they pour, they will.

The more things are done, the more the electric motor develops for the conventional engine, and the only thing that needs to be done is to clean it as often as a conventional internal drive.

Kt electric buckle replgp a killtson. Small electrical replicas are much cheaper than conventional onesForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

Starting with Pccints, there are no low hrsrsrs before the start, and the ram is occupied by the drivers. (You are reading the electric curves in the Origo article).

Radp such replication is much less subtle,

nslyknt and a lower useless bale into the air should be increased, and the mg may continue sinking. Vgl the sheep on a longer tv will be smaller than the origins of snhidrogn, if you acquire solar energy.

There is also an electric passenger cabin for 11 people

The zld replicates are free to design the design, but they jump with the ls screws as they coincide with the e-drives. Nhny plda for that. The replica oyster oyster diamonds brought only a little pound.

The Diamond DA40 was originally an impertinent gp with a conventional buckle socket in front of the cabin. In the hybrid version with Siemens, the electric drive kB was mounted in the cab with one of the screws.

Typical design of the Austrian diamond replica. At Wiener Neustadt, lv gyr develops hybrid and electric small arms systemsForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

Israelian Eviation Alice mr is a small passenger with 11 people, who unfortunately only had a killer model with a flmter.

Describe the knowledge about the Diamond hybridForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

There, the chrome screwdriver is an unusual way of putting the two in the gutter, a larger one and a chest. The AutoflightX V600 was built in the past and is a htg screwdriver.

A larger cabin walks around, the replgp moves in that way.

The dislodged toothpaste was solved with great wisdom. The small duck and the "normal" traits on each side can be found with a rhythm, that is, the tail.

The Israel Eviation Alice is a model for 11 peopleForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

The rd kt vgn is lowered and, on the other hand, it is pushed up and down the gpet, which travels in the mantle almost disappears, slides into the console.

The largest number of rotors may be a single gpen in Friedrichshafen, Volocopter, where the twin cabin was lifted, slid or traversed by a small 18 rotor placed in a double krtart.

The largest sailing ship in the city is 25 mForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

However, this was inspired by the Daimler Group development team, and idn mr did not quit because the frames of the killts were released.

If the accumulator is cold, place it in the air with

The greatest impetus of the electric curve is the mana, which is one way. Due to flav seed's navigcis, the mr repl electric gp can cause the collapse of the replica, and can only be used on more rigid lines.

But the ability of curves for mobile phones is fantastic,

and here we can talk not just about the size of the accumulators. The more batteries are sent by thousands of small cells, the more powerful they are.

Business jetje de svjci Image gyr sugrhajts. At present, the highest gpek is currently mg does not mean that the electric motor is an alternative to flyForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

One of the Hungarian leaders of Siemens said the ramtalakt inverter and the smtgpes control systems can be used to further increase the size of the system as well as the power system.

One of the main reasons for this is that the GP must be installed with accumulators.

This is the way that Eviation Alice took for 11 people

where the young man is made of sixty-five accumulators, since the cell may be mr.
At the moment, a much smaller solution for telemarketing systems would be a ram development engine.

The Honda is first known for its motorsport but cg is not only useful for what is this kthajtmves sugrhajts business jet.Forr: Dr. Varga Sndor

In the past, Diamond-Siemens was launched in a nasty gp hybrid

a carriage of eyelets originally from Nissan, racket in the air,

The accumulator folds at 5 rpm and the hattvolsot reaches 1000 km.

The replica of the COMCO replica nk kk Ikarus C42 gpe is my favorite, because I have made it with a comfortable variation in Finland, picked up. Meghvm was the captain of a DC 10 risgp that breathed that bit of skin.

Jl would show a seaplane on Lake BalatonForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

We could have a hybrid C42 variation on the Aero, which has until now been licensed in this Nmetorszg GP with an e-drive.

In the hybrid version, a 15 kg sports car engine was installed in the GP.

which will have branched kmalls of 35 liters of material to keep the hybrid COMCO Ikarus 6-7 rt.

Lthatron hybrids

The Italian Alpi Aviation hit a trap. Replicas are the bulk of the system, and only on the rise and the twist, is half the half.

The manager of the Italian spinning base has more than a thousand answers,

also sold in big bags.

He reversed the box: the self-propelled Rotax drive on the small stakes brought an electric motor for 20 minutes with a battery accumulator.

Aero Friedrichshafen 2019Forr: Origo

The motor kt can work on the k axis, but the screw can be turned on. The element of the hybrid kernel is one that directs the induls during the critical period, and the elements are added.

If I lost one of my records,

so you can avoid the bug,

you can go for acne. Then, 2 to 3 times more replicas can come out of the hybrid with greater security.

One of the grandparents of the electric curve is Siemens

On the e-Flight Expo site, the A7 hall was also a space for Siemens. In Mg, here we can find more answers, now the electric motors and the elements of flexion dominate the booth.

Dr. Frank Anton, director of Siemens eAircraft, has said many times in the past that

that Siemens will never compile e-replicas,

or ltvny was also more suited to the official character.

One of the main components of Siemens klnbz teljestmnyForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

The electric curve is designed to be a great freelance designer, since e-repls have a smaller or larger hub. The Siemens booth was equipped with a full-scale motor from 30 kW to 260 kWh, as well as inverters and tamper systems.

The small replgps are developed by the cooks themselves, and everything else is taken from the teaspoon.

Siemens will also launch the locking systems developed by lala. In a single case, Siemens takes the developer with the developer and, if it does, adds hybrid elements to the cheese.

Many composites gp kzl is aForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

The zld repls are still, for the time being, in the form of a child's jr, and it is also important for the cooperative. Errl, paravnok rebuked Siemens' position. The Siemens bridge system is running on the Cityairbus website with a very small taxi,

who led a successful slave to the bushes during the day.

But you respond to the American Sun Flyer developed by Kggel, and soon it will be possible to have a solar and solar version.

Vilgpremier is an electric buckle replgpForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

In Hall B1, the gyr knightreplgp nmet was released, Flight Desing, which is a more powerful cabin with the F2 replgp trick, brought in more than six monsters, including the modular ones.

More motors, more lg bolts, more avionics can cause.

One of the ghastly versions of gp gp was F2e, in which Siemens put the buckle system, but mg worked on it, and the first answers could be made.

Slovenian as an electric replica in a ttrje

Ivo Boscarol, the founding of the Slovenian Pipistrel, is one of the biggest figures in zld's responses. Eight years ago

In 2011, NASA and Google released an unprecedented amount of one millionth of a thousand dollars before

which runs 400 km in the Green Flight Challenge race

According to the premise of the competition, the TV had to be worse than a thousand, and the GP could not consume more than a gallon, that is, 3.6 liters of gasoline.

Pipistrel Alpha Electro is an electronic replica full of featuresForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

In the United States, the lgi competition was won by an unknown gyker little gyker team, Pipistrel.

Electric flexion 80 minutes in the air: fresh in Pipistrel gpreForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

Burt Rutan's two-candle swords were carried by a sightseeing rifle in a ghostly spirit, placed on electric drive and on rechargeable batteries and contaminated with the Taurus G4.

The same tandem model has become one of the basic ideas of the MAHEPA project.

Please note that in the air the ram is produced by a system of hydropneumatic cells, which is based on 10 ves nmet DLR developer.

In hybrid hybridization HY4 of nmet gtts, ht hydropathically provides the ground material in tandem trunk. On the other hand, the kzs snyny kzs produces a ram in its reactor with the so-called vz chest fuel cell that drives the lost electric motor.

The electric curve can be in the gmsdnn dominnss rvidesen, which is very dhoknl mrForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

Klisztsknt ltium accumulators also provide energy to stand up or climb, and can become worn.

The HY4 mr tl is in the slippers and will soon be at a great speed of 150 km with 800 to 1,500 kilometers of telephone operators.

The MAHEPA cache cluster is a storm of low-fat cowboy technology that has been drawn to the pipistrel eye of Phantera GP with a more sophisticated line of hybrid gs engine in-line.

Ivo Boscarol, Slovenian Pipistrel cg fnkeForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

My belt was on the model, I got an eyelid, I could see in the sky. In the project, universities and replicators are also participating in the project, and they are open to the nasty GP because they are suitable for commercial replicas.

Passenger cabin with small turbine turbine. The electric arc in the hub also replicates betrForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

The idn 30 ves Pipistrel vgl kept the tradition, not to mention the ALPHA ELECTRO in the series, but brought to the A7 hall.

There is a level of Pipylrel tyltosl next to it, which, for a period of 45 minutes, takes you to the 80 minute replica of the tank.

The Hungarian Magnus Replgpgyr pcs on the Vilg line

The Hungarian riflgpgyr elr ftrest showed Magnus Fusion 212 in hall B2, and did the gp with a simulator.

The site was ll ktlses fehr gp with Hungarian national vocals,

and the breasts msik pttys dizjn did a little to get into the cockpit.

The results of Magnus Aircraft Co. Ltd. and nmet Siemens Zrt.Forrs:

László Boros Vadrigazgat said that in the jcsi gyruk lord 5 gpet was installed

and they are constantly expanding their capacity to 100 units as planned.

He also told Nhny Parameter about the Fusion 212, which can be used with a two-piece gasoline, autoline petrol, fknt octatra and gp.

They can lead to an lsb next to one, and they can be used for basic mrepl figures as well. The eurpai lggyi hatsgnl is underway and the Magnus Fusion 212 is licensed, and it is now possible to obtain eurpai certification.

The eFusion Electric PowerplaneForrs:

The most important thing to do is get the pseudo vsrlss, and the Fusion 212 can be marketed.

Magnus eFusion is the murderer of Aero FriedrichshafenForr: Dr. Varga Sndor

Captainnvelst is a subservice composed of nyrra.

Fusion 212 fell to tragp, as Pcsrl rushed to Friedrichshafen,

which is a thousandth of a kilometer tvolsg.

This time, the killtson was an electric curve, the Magnus eFusion replse, which was parked in the park last year because of the unfortunate accident last year.

The Magnus eFusion 212 ultralight / LSA, replgpForr: Magnus Aircraft Zrt.

Vadrigazgat ran into the process of pushing the vial, and he was able to react with the pus.

There is always a single maid running, which is what mll kllll, because it is a sksges, because the electric variation will let go.

EFusion is an electric driveForrs: https: //

I hope you can get Magnus eFusion here on Aero so you can add rs.

The electric version was demoted by gasoline and electric meltdown in Boros Lszl.

EFusion is an electric driveForr: Magnus Aircraft Zrt.

Including amortization, the Magnus Fusion 212 is 45 euros.

eFusion gp is the tenth of it, 4-5 eur.

Magnus Aircraft is currently organizing chrome on the mainland with local eros in Kn, Irn, Nigri and America. Multi-Hungarian sets in the replica industry?

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