The Hungarian great hunter of 3D printing made the dolls Throne Fight


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The Throne War Series is also very popular in Hungary, and the Hungarian showers of CraftBot were made with the Hungarian 3D printers of the series in the program. . 3D prints prepared for the premiere, coins with family coats of arms and markers were brought home by the guests.


The manufacturer, the fully-acquired CraftUnique, started with community funding in 2014, where, in a few days, more than six times the target was collected. The company has sold 500 3D printers sold during the initial campaign, selling almost 2000 pieces last year. The company's revenue increases year on year, reaching a 15% increase in 2018 compared to the previous year and 560 million HUF. After the European and American success, the Hungarian market was also targeted, which is now significant, as more than 15% of revenues come from domestic sources. CraftBot has won numerous awards in the Hungarian and international markets. In 2017 and 2018, the printer won the gold medal in the Plug N & # 39; Play category, where it lagged behind famous American and Asian companies. The Budapest-based company also develops the printer's own hardware and software, as well as slicer software that can be downloaded for free, but also for other machines.


The Throne Battle Show is not the first creative collaboration with CraftUnique. The company's CraftBot 3D printers have previously been used in Hollywood superproducts such as the Winged Bounty Hunter 2049, where they have fully alive human bodies. In addition, 3D accessories have been made for the extreme stage productions of several renowned Hungarian artists.


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