The hard drive continues to listen


HDDs used for PC use may fall.

Last year, the SSD cluster started to mrskldse, and now it is so cheap to track the huge amount of data on the hard drive. Who does not support SSDs: Currently the 120GB models are 6,000 forints, 240GB for 10,000 forints, 480GB for 17,000 forints and 960GB for 34,000 forints. he begins to leave.

Forr: AFP / Indranil Mukherjee

Nidec, which was launched on 85-inch engines, has already thrown investors away from hacking into many HD drives. The divzi was on the brink of 2010, after which it dropped 650 billion engines, but last year only 376 mills were ordered by the partners.

The previous ones are sold and kzptv is a sales forecastForr: Nidec

According to Nidec, the risi capacitance that has fallen in datacenters is still a stable demand, but the hard drive market is shrinking at a high rate,

sinking in this segment.

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