If there is a video game that can take the user, it is definitely a must from the home of FromSoftware. However, the latest work by Japanese developers is so complicated that skillful players of skilled players can be caught. But that's why it's so good.

Not his graphics, and not even the brutality of the enemies he showed, was the increase in Role Playing Game, born in 2011. Darks Soulssome of the users. The creators made the bar loud with hard-to-beat opponents, rarely attacking, and only saved after a much longer game time. Thus, in case of death, the whole section must restart the player.

The success of the game is inspired by FromSoftware Bloodborne also created an exclusive PlayStation program, which not only continued to Black Souls your characteristics. To make it even harder, even more resistance and concentration are needed. And now it's even tougher than ever Sekiro: Shadows Die twice. We say well: this game is not recommended for anyone, because most people will not have the patience. Without this, it is unnecessary to start.

life work

Although a I will not just released, we hardly missed our test. The game is so difficult that a large number of users probably did not get to the middle of the story. Those who have seen and been unable to capture it will almost certainly not experience it again. But let's say to them: be as much as it is about the pace, a I will Scratching work at the masterpiece level you do not kill energy.

Quality is also enhanced by elements of Japanese culture that are created in an unusual and demanding way and are carefully designed. This is already a feature that makes the Japanese studio a typical layered game, but the I will Their true curiosity behind this well-behaved pack is that every defeated opponent can live as a true triumph, since they often lie on the ground because of them. If you feel a little more than blessed with average self-confidence, you can be sure

O I will It will make your ego in place.

The story

Being a program with a strong historical base I will Of course, he is not suffering from an exciting story. The game fetches the user in feudal Japan from the 1500s, perhaps the bloodiest period of the country. The protagonist, Wolf, became a skilled swordsman of a fragile child who, along with his parents, was wounding the Sengoku wars. As an adult, Wolf becomes a superior warrior with a host of problems, and our hero's job is to protect a descendant from a line similar to a real one.

The thing – as it may seem possible – is not simple, because our hero is not only in trouble, but the advent of the juniors who are protecting his master, however, is hampered by strange creatures. Do not disturb anyone with a very detailed historical perspective, the program will give you the correct information, creating an almost cinematic experience.

The gameplay

In the case of a game that basically exhibits the characteristics of Japanese culture, the decoration is expected to be sufficiently Japanese. Well, in that I will also looks unbeatable: where in a growing grass, among trees, and where in the shade of beautiful cherry trees. The program seems to have an open mind, but only from afar, in fact, we are advancing with a well done thread. Of course, the map has a lot to discover and it is advisable to use the opportunity – even the first opponents.

While most video game players die at the touch of a button, a I willwe often hit the ground. There is no death forever, of course, but every resumption reduces resistance. And, of course, the integrity of the controller or the mouse. Likewise, Wolf also suffers a fall: he must defeat the previously defeated opponents in the escape stage. With the return of death (because of this possibility), the amount of experience gained and the amount of money spent are reduced. In other words:

even extra punishment is stitched into our neck.

But one I will such a program can be a pleasant program, since the game is not only the character and the material, but the user who controls it: after each failed fight, we can gain more and more experience and become more skillful players. This is an experience not very well presented by the programs FromSoftware. To do this, of course, knowledge of the complex combat system is necessary; in fact, it really comes here as you can succeed in the game.

Traditional combos (such as Mortal Kombatthere is none, control is not easy; On the one hand, because of the hackers that are getting bigger and bigger, Wolf's retention begins to decline, and the damage suffered by the falling value also drives us away from our vitality. So at the same time

  • we find a gap in the attackers' shields;

  • repel sword traps;

  • and not die at the same time.

Here we emphasize: in the game all this happens very quickly, so our reactions to the attacks should not be just fast, precise. Otherwise, it's over. Well, of course, Wolf has a few more things to do, so, for example, we can protect the incoming whisper not just with our catanana. We can get out of the bite, and with the prosthesis built in our hands, we can push ourselves to the trees and higher points – just like Spider-Man.

All this is likely to be a lot of information for a beginning player, but in practice everything will seem much more logical. Not only is it pleasing as the sight of sparkling steel may not have been as good in a game as I willat the.

The black soup

This is roughly the point where the game becomes incredibly cruel, since progress is not just about the new details of the story unfolding in front of the user. More and more hard opponents are coming, and the duels are speeding up. So much so that you can feel the game deliberately trying to knock him over and over again.

Also, Wolf is not easy to do because, unlike previous studio work, there is no help in this program. There is no multiplayer mode, no cooperative option for the protagonist, ie we have to fight with all the difficulties.

Those who have not tried will likely receive the lack of timid multiplayer, but there is no reason to be disappointed. Due to its robust history, the program is so rich that it provides a long 40 hours of relaxation. We only have one thread.


The novelty of FromSoftware is that it is difficult to catch, and that it is difficult not to be considered a disadvantage of the program. The Japanese have created this deliberately for this, and it's a secret why: this game is for no one, so it offers no experience. However, this can only be experienced by those who are not afraid to recover again and again.

The game was tested with a version written for PlayStation 4 (also has a PC and an xbox), and many times we were very nervous about it. But when we win, we scream full of throat. He was awarded 10 points out of 10, one of the best and absolute must-have parts of the year.

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