Some of them were removed in the last part of the BBC's Blue Planet Nature Conservation Program, as the breeders were cautiously offering some gnocchi for the food of the gulls.

O BBC Their program, Blue Planet, is very popular, but a few hours ago, viewers and conservationists were mentioned for a different reason: in a weekend broadcast, the camera showed live as a seagull grabs and devours one of the turtles.

O The telegraph According to her report, the presenter, Liz Bonnin and her crew, filmed the coast of Australia, where a few hours ago the turtles were planned to be launched into the ocean. Bonnin went so far as to tell the camera that small things can live for up to 100 years, but that really needs human assistance.

But the TV environmentalist did not realize what was happening behind him,

while the little turtles struggled toward the water, a seagull appeared in the background, almost jumping over one of them:

The scene was shocked with several viewers, and many comments were posted on the program page on Facebook, which drew amateur creators. What happened was a lot of people because the transmission was about protecting endangered animals and human responsibility.

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