Samsung has just announced its latest development, Sero, which is something like a smartphone, but actually a TV.

When it comes to videos, the Internet can basically be divided into two camps: those who love vertical videos and those who get it from the water. Samsung was thinking of the first – or, to be exact, generation Y – when it created a device called Sero for future television.

The 43-inch screen is designed for Y-generation, making it easy to move from horizontal to vertical – and vice versa. According to the South Korean company, most videos are "made vertically," so Seró gives young people the opportunity to easily watch the content they create on television.

Besides the screen, another important feature of the smartphone is the 4.1 sound system and the 60W speakers. That's why Samsung thinks it's not just a television, but it's also suitable for streaming music and, thanks to its minimalist look, is even aesthetic.

According to the developers, Sero can also work as a digital picture frame, and the Samsung Bixby service will also be available. It is expected to start selling in South Korea as of May, priced at $ 1,600 – approx. There will be 652 thousand forints.

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