Telekom is preparing a special live stream for this year's Easter. On Monday, rabbits live on the IPTV channel 199, and on a dedicated site, they sign with the Rabbit Rescue Foundation and their rabbits.

Many families bring Easter eggs, but after a week they realize they have huge responsibilities, that everything is bursting, growing at an incredible pace and so exciting for children. In that case, thousands of pets enter the streets, enter the woods or, worse, the well – reminds Telekom of his announcement on the occasion of the holiday. According to the company, it is time to recount this bad habit in 2019 and reinterpret the tradition of the Easter Bunny according to the current needs, so that the rabbits do not get hurt, and the children's eyes shine in celebration.

The bunnies arrive on Monday morning at 8am on Telekom's IPTV 199 channel, which will be "live-logged" in Somor, 30 kilometers from Budapest. At the same time, experts at will look for answers to questions like keeping rabbits, what to watch for, how to feed them and how to treat them if they make the big decision to adopt them.

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