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Csaba Balogh

Samsung also sent a copy of Galaxy Fold to several major media outlets this week. Several journalists experienced the same thing: the folding device screen was broken, broken.

Folding phones were not accidentally included in the rumors for years instead of the news. Technically, it is not a small challenge to mount this device, especially with regard to the flexibility of the screen. Then came February this year when – after the taste of little Royole late last year – Samsung and Huawei came up with their own foldable cell phone.

At first glance, the two phones were more advanced than the Mate X, and while Galaxy Fold is right to mention a downside to innovation, we were almost certain: the screen would look good. The South Korean electronics giant has a separate display manufacturing unit, the Samsung Display – from smallest to largest – at home on all types of screens. So much so, it is not only true for phones that Samsung mobile monitors are among the best in the industry for many years, but the company is also competing with excellent phone screens.

So surprisingly, many experienced Galaxy Fold testers try out:

the folding phone screen after a few days of use was simply broken, broken, broken.

O The Verge his journalist noticed for the first time a small protuberance on the screen – presumably some sort of dirt – and then the panel broke. One day after use. Dieter Bohn emphasizes: Nothing has done much with the cell phone, it was used by potential customers, that is, sometimes open, pushed, closed, pocketed.

Similarly, after one or two days of use, he went to ruin CNBC a test phone sent to a television.

This is exactly what the testator of the Bloomberg news agency tried.

Of the testers, bloomberges Mark Gurman removed the screen saver, which he supposedly should not, but no one told him. But the CNBC team did not take the thin film, but the screen was ruined.

O CNBC He was also looking for Samsung, but the company – for now – would not comment on the case. O The Verge However, their test copy was swapped out on a new cell phone on Wednesday night, but they had nothing to say about it.

The other testers have not reported a similar phenomenon for now. It is unknown how many test devices are affected in proportion to the problem, but it seems very bad that the screen failed in a day or two with three famous media. The cause of the problem is not known: Samsung's silent experts may not know what the problem is.

Theoretically, the phones that were released for testing may still not reflect the final state of the device. Practically, however, as Samsung should sell the Galaxy Fold on May 3, this may not be the cause of the problem. Two weeks before launch, the basic design issues can no longer be in one product.

Samsung will sell its collapsible phone for $ 2,000, representing a net profit of $ 638,000 at current exchange rates. You may request the HUF 8-900 for a device not officially released in Hungary and imported from abroad.

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