The official Nubia Red Magic 3 device from China was officially presented by the manufacturer. The hardware also has the same strength.

Nubia, which is becoming increasingly well known in Hungary, has now appeared with its second phone, which is clearly meant for gamers. Red Magic 3 was released in February and was also equipped with tougher hardwares than Mars.

The main features of the cell phone are the 12 GB RAM, the Snapdragon 855 chipset and the high capacity 5000 mAh battery which is 27W fast. Its screen is a 6.65-inch FHD + AMOLED panel that supports HDR-quality content. The refresh rate is 90 Hz.

Although the handset is basically a game, it is more than adequate to take pictures and record videos, with 48 in the rear camera, 16 megapixels in the front and a larger 8K camera in the mobile industry. At the same time, the optical image stabilizer did not fit into it, which is a little strange with these lenses.

The phone is also equipped with unconventional refrigeration technology on the market: a miniature fan dampens the heat but only activates high-power gaming. In this case, the speed can be up to 14,000 RPM. The mobile version of Android 9 is running, but there's also a special interface for managing fan operation, screen capture and notifications.

Red Magic 3 will begin shipping May 3 in China with the basic model (6GB RAM + 64GB mass storage) available for 123,000 forints, the most expensive and best (12GB RAM + 256GB storage in bulk) to 183,000 forints. The phone will arrive in Europe by the end of May, but the relevant price is not yet known.

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Probably one of the most special tools of the year was the Barcelona MWC, which is currently taking place. You can also use Nubia Alpha as a watch and phone.

It has now become clear that users do not like sensor island much (notch). Nubia, however, would make two of her folding phones immediately.

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