Soon the death of the PC game? Millions of people can switch to TV-based games?


According to Jon Peddie Research (abbreviated to JPR), up to 20 million by 2022 PRAÇAand a player can switch to a gaming platform that can be used on a TV – here's a Google Stadiumshould be considered.

JPR says it's weaker with low-end computers PRAÇAthey will be most affected by the migration of "20 million" in the period 2018-2022, but even the hardcore PRAÇAYou can also switch to a smaller part of the. "O PRAÇAThe decline in the market continues as innovation, which in the past has brought speed growth and new smart things, has almost stopped and product launch time has come to four years. This is not a panic situation, and the GPU market continues to generate surprising numbers, but there are some forces that we expect to take a small share of the business to TV monitors and related gaming services, "says Jon. Peddie, president of JPR.

"We see that the lower and middle classes are getting worse PRAÇAbecause consumers want to use them for gaming. This, unfortunately, does not generate larger numbers, but it helps with research and design as well as hardware investments in marketing, and this PRAÇA end-use model: a desktop computer that has an ergonomic gaming / computing environment and performs user customizations and choices. Used games services with cloud monitors, whether cloud-based or not, are absorbed PRAÇAand will likely be successful with new entrants. Over the next five years we will see that the number of potential consumers with access to TV games will increase by hundreds of millions, "added Ted Pollak, senior game analyst at JPR.

But it has to be done to ensure that PRAÇAmany people are leaving because there may be only a greater coverage of the video game market, and hardcore gamers expect the cloud-based game to have the same level of local gameplay … but Microsoft itself said xCloud you will not get it …

source: WCCFTech


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