Six Olympics I died six times before going to the seventh


The Hungarian sports squad can be the first to play ht olympics. 43 vesen mg is always the sport that presents the scenes of daily life for those who play every day. 17 vesen mr egyni vilgbajnokström, he said that the essen dtn utn will be the trkirlyn hungarian. Won the Eurpa Championship, Olympic Fourth, Canada and Hungary. Mohamed Aida.

Twenty-six years ago, in 1993, we went to the championship in Essen. If someone then says that in 2019 mg always vv, what is the answer?
I do not think many would have believed – maybe ng. So the kzvlemny thought that a young Hungarian would be the first adult to win. I did not do it because, in 1992, I was a slut in the adult Eb of Lisbon, nmet Sabine Bau could hardly beat.

With a sister in Essen utn. In 1994 at the National Sport Hall, the National Trophy Cup took place at OTP Bank Kuprt. The Kpen: The Originals (b-j) Anja Fichtel (nest) is the first, Francesca Bortolozzi (Italian), the first Zsuzsa Jnosi and the Hungarian race Mohamed AidaForr: MTI / Ferenc Nmeth

I was angry and young. Come here. I could not even count the results. However, I did the results of that 1993 World Championship in the fourth quarter and defeated Hungarian pston vv legend Anja Fichtelt and decided on a msmet nmetet, the Funkenhauser. Only in dnt I got Francesca Bortolozzitl in Italy.

I wonder if you want to do this?
No, I do not get used to it, no more nzek nmn myself and try to put in my head what I should have done.

There was no dying srn in Kln. So I was the best thing in the world. It was clear that when I was able to rip what I was missing. I won junior VB twice, but the ttrs were in Essen. Nmet Anja Fichtelt is hurting her. In 1988, Olympic won gold at Sulul. I did not think who was going against me. I just did what my master Solti told me. I always did everything for her. If you said there were 100 kits, then there were 100 kits.

n ' Not this. Inkbb. But I did it with an estimate. The master listened. Now I'm thinking more about what my organization is, I wonder if this is j, that's not j. Anno, nothing in the nineties.

What does mg keep in mg?
The first one was shot down by the vvs. They always had the clok.

The Olympics have always died. Since I was six years old, I have died six times. But I always got bored. This was also the case when, in 2004, I was fourth in the Athens Olympics. Sven ngyvene a little cut. Now, let me have the seventh prize there. I will do this.

Russian Inna Deriglazova and Mohamed Aida are winning the 2014 Olympics RiiTo: Anadolu Agency / Agência Anadolu 2016 / Salih Zeki Fazlioglu

As far as I know, there are no Hungarian sportsmen who have come to the Tkariks so much. The sphynx was six times in Gdorfalvi. Meg Gerevich Aladr. s n too. Cl is the seventh. The msik cl is the Budapest Championship. There I really want to be in cscsform. The organizer of the house always moves. In 2013, I spent 16 boys in Budapest. Now he would go further. Going back to the krds, I do not like to say what will happen if you have a vge because that would upset the next clocks.

The seventh Olympics out of the way is not a race.
Do not say it will be awfully difficult. The main cl is to leave the team if we can not get out of it, then people can go to Hungary. Now, Kreis Kreiss is in the best position, but can change to mg. The plague will be very important in this respect.

This is not lsport grabbed for security, and does not stop it?
This is my kegegem, this is very hard shit. Mg, even if I have kids with a defensive, they are busy booking. This is terribly difficult – it will be difficult to get there once.

No. Because sooner or later this moment will come. But I do not want to think about it. However, this season did not work out better. It's almost gone, but at the last moment I figured out what to change. I did not buy from Eb's team, but I'm very sad if we do not go to the VB team.

There was a mrk in Düsseldorf that was taken away by Kata Kricricz, the 20-year-old boy – I do not want to get into it, but Kata could be a lnya. But what the slogan was, was that this game was terribly important. Because here it is decided that Mohamed Aida will be the best Hungarian at nin in Eb.
When I was a Brm, when I was with a Hungarian, it was much harder, because it was a spit battle. With idny sorn, we trained horribly a lot.

Mohamed Aida wants to be the seventh Olympic athleteForr: NurPhoto / Michal Fludra / NurPhoto / Michal Fludra

It was a real spiritual battle, but it was important to see the smile. In this case, the CC will not retire, will be the same before the game, but now, in Düsseldorf, I went a little. I did not want to take my brmi. In the last period, much embarrassment was embarrassing.


Frauds about what it is with children, how dinner will be today, how to get together at the same time, the n things that educate the child in the great life when they try to stay afloat.

J to say this, because at the same time the lete was an open book for kzvlemny. I wonder how great it was when she went to a Canadian and told me how much Budapest and Vancouver were dancing.
We always have fun at Laurie Shong in Vancouver, and there is always plenty to do in Hungary. In the past, with a little teaspoon, the fl was pushed for readjustment. It has not changed much;

But you did not think he'd leave?
I used to think about it, but the truth is that

I feel better in Hungary than in Canada. I know it's manapsg rare. They are not material things that move me. If this were important then there is no doubt that this is the right place for Canada.

Vancouver, one of the most beautiful places in the cityTo: Sylvain / Sylvain

However, pnz is not everything. Fleg, what the biggest flashlight has been.

What do you think?
He's out there in Vancouver.

Well, if it's going to be the sport once, we'll have to move on scams. So I'll think about the cabin.

Are your children two llampolgrok?
Yes. I'm not. Only Hungarian.

In the small tongue, they speak, this is a great base for your eyes. Rssal has problems with mg, but will straighten. So they decide where they want to go, they will have vlasts, they will be more like n.

In Hungary there are many athletes who do not retire, because lsport pays, this can be done, and it will be possible to play against the sport. it is?
Playing? In vvs? ppen that I have the thing.

We can do better with any kind of civil activity. n I do it because I like it. In vvs there are no pnzek, my results are not those that predestinate large pnz.

And Mohamed Aida is not in the Hungarian sportsmdia fsodr.
I'm not, it's not that bad. Rgen for people and cheeses was the only gold jewel. I used to do this very often.

Valentina Vezzali, of Margherita Granbassi, Italian, and Mohamed Aida and Giovanna Trillini, Italians, in 2007 in St. PetersburgForr: AFP / Maxim Marmur

The great thing is the mind. Today, he is not saying "but die alone?" To be less, with such temptation I can do with children.

Nezze, the youngest Lnyom, had Williams syndrome. This is a very rare disease and I have to deal with it a lot. It took me a long time to process this. I talked to him about it, because I can help him. This is a very rare and very attentive disease for the child whose child is in this jr.

If you had to take a moment out of the sixth Olympics so far, what would it be?
2000, Sydney. So let's get on well with my frj. he went to the Olympiad in the Canadian period, we were boring, we had clzaink kzs, so it was very round. Mg was the beginning of the relationship.

Is razasn kd llapota?
O (laughter) and blind love.

I thought the 2008 Olympics in Beijing would be a Hungarian-American national team match, he said.
It was not every day. I was the final person when I put it, 14 Americans took me. The factory was there for 40-26. I gave you 9 pounds at first, and then the American Smart was bitten. Hey, I went again. It was eight seconds before the vge.

American Nzingha Prescod wins Mohamed Aida boldogsga at the 2012 London OlympicsTo: AFP / Toshifumi Kitamura

and then I made a big mistake, I ran the tbl. Today I know you should not. The sky is here before me. This is coming back today.

They are leveling, reassuring me, I get one and I get the last one. It should not have been a gpr.

He died?
stan The way I brought this little laugh, of course, loosens concentration. But here we could have gone to dnt. Bronze match left, we got out of it, we got fourth.

If you were 18 now, would you put the same brick alone?
Clear. He gave me a lot. The successes, the failures, the brilliant knowledge that I knew here frjem, the gold of the team's Eurpa championship, are unforgettable things.

Can not you hear the morning rise?
I do not know. I am the admirer of anyone who starts at the pool at six in the morning. In this daily routine, get up with the kids, going to school is very difficult to find.

Elg fjdalka mkuskerk this.
That's Nha n too. Pretetted the round.

Who played this?
No, because it is

always stayed, if I went to a tournament, the traveler, the vvs gave me strength to go home, mr jed ervt prized the wheel. Tedious therapy for me in vvs, sport, the most difficult times. I know this is like being delivered. But I'm not sure.


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