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If women asked what they thought, men would find their short or long hair more attractive, more likely to vote the second. Kelly Dougher also thought so, and he thought about it when his seven-year relationship ended with the test of this assumption about dating.

She had used short clips for a long time and loved it, but she read that long-haired women were more popular on dating sites. That's why he bought a wig and created two profiles for experimentation with just his hair style.

Short or long hair is more popular in dating?

His experiences were told on the site of American Glamor, where he confessed, he expected completely different results. She also signed up for the site called Tinderre and OKCupid with short hair and long hair, and then she watched the success of her photo. Her details were exactly the same, in fact, even the pose, the color of her hair and makeup were similar, and, above all, the hairstyle had disappeared.

long hair

Tinderen pulled the first hundred men to the right and waited for what would happen. By the end of the week, 49 were pulled to the right with short handles, so they thought they were potential partners and received 25 messages. He summed up the fact that 49% had a successful search, which he did not consider to be a bad result, but he believed the ratio would be much better with the other chart. In this case, he was nominated for a potential partner in the same way, and by the end of the week he was surprised. He got 38 hits and 15 messages, much less than the other one.

Most would not expect this

Then the other side followed by two profiles, and after seven days, he looked again at how many people were interested. It received 484 pixels and 77 messages for pixie hairstyles, while 237 posts and 31 messages for long hair. And it was not enough that the result clearly showed that it was much more popular with short straps, but also received many messages expressing their hair expressly. Most of the time they were dressed in sexy and warm flags.

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The young woman confessed, was very surprised by the result and expected nothing of it. He believed that men liked much more about women with long hair, but this is not the case with experience. He added that many people identify waist-to-toe with femininity, but this is mainly because they have experienced it, heard from their parents, grandparents and some, alas, still feel like a boy, and are shocked when a woman cuts short hair.

Of course, he added that the thing was not so simple, and not just that short hair was much sexier than long hair. It is also important to see which hairstyle matches the person's face and the one with which you feel most attractive, confident.

You would not think so, but men think it's sexy

It is by no means true that beauty and sexuality should be perfect: according to men, no makeup and flawless hair, or the look of women on the front page of magazines, are necessary to drive the other sex mad. There are some things that are believed to be median, and are considered much warmer, although many do not think about it. The following habits, phenomena, and traits are what scientists have proven to take their feet off.

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