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Roland Sallai lost the Eb-qualifiers against the Croats, Azerbaijan and Welshman because of his injuries but did everything to receive an invitation from captain Marco Rossi in September.

Roland Sallai would return to the team (Photo: Tumbász Hédi)
Freiburg: direction Austria!

Nowadays Roland Sallai is home and should travel back to Freiburg on June 26. A day later, team preparation begins with medical research, and substantive work begins on July 1. The previous season, the 13th Bundesliga team later traveled to Austria for a training camp, and after nine days spent there, he continued to prepare.


– How's your vacation going?
– Thank you very much – Roland Sallai, who was raised at the Puskás Academy, responded in May of 22 years. "I'm only here in Hungary, but I've also been abroad." I spent five days with my partner on the island of Santorini, then went to Mallorca with the whole family.

– It was filled?
– Yes. But now I'm on the move, the final point is over. We have a training plan in Freiburg and I will shape my schedule. They are mainly "dry" races, but we can only work with our own weight. I do individual trainings Monday through Friday, it takes two to three hours a day, but the weekend is free. Since June 1 I am constantly training, I have not really stopped the movement. At the end of the season I had dental surgery that I had to undergo, then I had to stop for two weeks, but since then I've been running.

"Just do not say Santorini instead of eating one of the jewels in one of the coastal restaurants, but running shoes …"
– Yes but! Even in Mallorca I went running. The heat was high during the day, so I waited until the sun went down. Usually I started after nine at night, so the temperature was tolerable.

"Are your feet perfect now?"
– I can say yes. Where do I drop quickly?

"After all, what was the exact diagnosis?" For a long time, the doctors groped in the dark …
– tell me ?! The most beautiful thing about it is that I do not really know what my problem was. To this day, many people are asking, but I'm not complicated, I do not mean stupidity, and I do not know the exact diagnosis since then. My abdominal pain came from the back of my stomach, and my inner thigh felt more. The problem may have been in this line, but what – I'll check the question … Let's say the point is it does not hurt. I owe a big thank you to one of the Berlin experts, he came up with a solution. I left a difficult time behind me, so I did surgery for the first time in my career so far. Many times I was sad, fortunately the people who were close to me always hastened to help me.

"If I say, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Wales?"
"Then I'll make you nine points!"

"Is not it sad to lose all three wins?"
"Of course I'd be there on the track, but it was so … I do not know what to do." I was very happy that the team did this, I was watching the games with the whole experience, as if I were on the field alone. I'm working even harder, even harder, so I'm going to run tonight so next time I'll be in the band to receive the invitation in September. The fact that Marco Rossi did not call me now made him even more motivated.

– Did you see the home games at the venue?
At home, I watched them all on television. In the goals I jumped like a little child.

– Marco Rossi argued that the lack of six months was too much to help the national team. Did you talk to this captain?
"We kept in touch, calling almost every other day to ask about my condition." We discuss, we accept my arguments and your decision. There is no bitterness or anger in me that I have lost success. I will continue to do my work so that, next time, I may experience such victories.

– What did you like most in the team game?
– the organization. With the arrival of the new federal captain, you can clearly see what the team wants to play. See concrete things through the design of the game, through defenses, to songs and free kicks. The team is on the right track and anyone I dare to report is even more so. It was good to watch his team-mates when Ádám Szalai got in, while Balázs Dzsudzsák joined the company, while Willi Orbán worked his way through. In the three games mentioned above, the move came, there is nothing left to keep up.

"If you have already mentioned Balazs Djudzsak: many people are mentioned as the successor of the team captain." What do you say about it?
"I have heard myself many times that they are like him." I am happy and even honored. Balázs Dzsudzsák is a great football player, and I was watching his play as a kid when he was playing football at PSV. Since I got to the national team, I always gave her a word, she gave me lots of good tips. If I may say that we are in a friendly relationship, we usually talk on the phone at intervals. That means a lot to me.


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