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Giving the design vrva vrva Samsung model of Samsung this year: the Galaxy S10 series is almost out of sight, and the camera is inserted into the hole in the upper right corner of the screen. The scrambled clips, or features that are packaged in it, like the inverted drivers, or the blind cursor fingerprints, had to be cg like a wall, but last year we had a lot more but the Galaxy S9 was doing any less. did not move vsrlkat much. On the other hand, the Galaxy S10s trained in galaxies starts at a much better pace, just like Galaxy's big brother rnk-mr. what elrhetetlennek.

The phone is mgl on the display mg

We would also like to familiarize ourselves with the S10 + model. With the gadget, the big screen, Samsung took the figurine to the Note Note, the squeaky hz kissed more gently, but always comes with sharp corners as well as the screen itself. The felts are widely aligned with industry trends, ie they are made of gridded aluminum with grille and with wooden slats. The panel kvi, fleg on the curved sides hla many rivals mg, similar to the uppts models, although the bottom, according to a kiss, thickens the rim. There is a dedicated Bixby button on the left side of the phone, but the service is more tolerant in the key, especially in our country, there is not much use for the wizard in the language – we can add the optional functions to the button.


She is a member of the chrome Shia in the gym

The bullet is also aligned with the Note line on the side, and the camcorder is positioned horizontally in contrast to the previous generation of genres, and they were all placed on the chips. However, the fingerprint is displayed at the bottom of the display. The sensor was placed on the floor, not on the third line like the Huawei on Mate20 Pro. In any case, it is good, however, that it is not an optical sensor but an ultrasonic sensor that can quickly detect water fingers – sensor needs to be stored. While fingerprint reading on the screen is a snap for klnll sensors, htrnyuk has the ability to not rip your finger and, in the user's reflex, learns to put your finger in the right spot.


The use of the first or two days was a little prblock, the mg managed to loosen it – not rgtn "blindly" but also to wake up the screen, and then put the finger on the tip of the finger. In any case, DC can be irritating.

The AMOLED panel, also known as Infinity-O nven, brings Samsung's family line, the slt top to the right and the casual camera, more precisely the S10 + chip camera, its own reflections. Let's say to Samsung that the Galaxy S (or Note) did not give the fingers to the notch when the screen cursor traveled to almost all MS models. With the Samsung models, what designed the high-level traits was one of the most positive and least displayed on the panel.


Idn also developed the hardware developed by hzon bell

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As far as iron is concerned, Samsung's latest Exynos chip processor does not cause any chips, and RAM and the tropics of the chest can be ignored by many laptops. So, as you can jump into the category, the phone will quickly handle any task, daily use of the applications will not reveal any signs of error.

The S10 series not only draws the hardware, but also runs Android 9, in the One UI format, which was presented at yesterday's development conference. The first most striking feature of the system is the punchy "flat" corner, minimalist icons that try to make klnbz lnk system applications, and you can find the simplest to make the home page. But rtestsi svän also came to the tatarozs, the img egs on the screen may fall to the bottom, even a use of a hand can get a little easier on the icons of quick roll klnbz.


With the One UI feature, Night mode has also come a long way, so the system crashes and the Samsung Chef blackboard can be darkened by time or by day. The solution provides a more pleasant use than the standard, but is also very clear in daytime conditions.

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A user interface has also shuffled the emergence of Samsung's graphics, known for its fast-paced page, applications and contacts, although you can take advantage of the latest, in addition to the standard Android taskbar, you can use redundant sv kisses.

With the use of j, Samsung can activate its own gesture driver, but it does not wrap the keyboard like iOS, Google Pixel models or pp on Huawei phones. In the case of One UI, alternatv navigcis sv lnyeg remains unchanged, the functions adapted from home, back, can be put in the usual place, though not bkssel, but from there. The same should be done in the showcase, but the navigcis sv graph itself disappears, it is replaced by a hrom vkony section. The solution is to use a more useful shelf space than the base of the hand shaker.


Even so, Samsung has maintained its habit and, when switched on, shakes gyrti applications for installation, and it is possible to minimize fragile applications. In addition to the Google applications we offer, we can also use the Microsoft suite of applications, but with the S10 +, we can tolerate the amount of prepackaged software.

Kraft Camera Key

Samsung's incredibly sophisticated and sophisticated IV projector was used to monitor the camera, and the lack of face-to-face security – the face-to-face detector, as seen in Honor View 20, disappears from 2D. can also be a bit. You can only consciously use this function, the greater security it is better to use the PIN, sample or fingerprint.


Turning the phone upside down, we have a chrome camera next to it, in the time category, the second mr can be considered almost standard, in a hrmas layout: besides the f sensor there is also an ultra wide lens and a lens of telephone. The megapixel field is not covered by megapixels and the phone is equipped with 12 megapixel sensors, an ultra-smooth 16 megapixel camera. The first is a two-dimensional prospect. The thin camera offers up to 123 degrees, making it even more versatile. By adding a lens to the lens, we can also use the 2x optical zoom to get the most out of the camera.




HWSW shields

Prilis has 10 appropriate DevOps angular kips, 30 rs.

On the software page, Samsung also introduced the screencer known as the gyrtt tiger in the pocket model, which means that it automatically recognizes that pp tjkpet, netn llatfott or bbtstl and hence calibrates the camera. According to our experience, this is not the result of this process, so it does not result in a slow clinker.




On top of the line models, we had the chance of Samsung not bothering, the phone would be excited, lust, lnk and more. The benefits of the camcorder can be tracked into the night, but the phone and the ultrasonic lens can be used with minimal noise. Soft, soft and obscene bar conditions are not typical, even if the person is holding the phone at a minimum. In addition, the kra portrknl kra software is also used, with the device explicitly enchanting kpel kpek, and the moss is not spread to portralany.

Copper battery – s r

In the S10 + category, we have a cool battery, which, according to our experience, can carry the phone with your sunglasses for a few days. And if the jrunk tltsnl, the S10 + will not only take you nlkl, but you will also be guided by devices connected to the htm, whether it is acrm phones or the drivers are not working as cg Galaxy Buds fliesi – rvidesen plus we are also out . The function is especially useful if you want to unleash the network, smart is to add a little extra battery, but you can also get out of it if your phone is not the same.


The Galaxy S10 + pushed the lcet upwards, easing its descent – the tenth lap of Sia and the more restrained debt of the S9. Also was successful in the camera and the functions palette, you can not miss the latest Galaxy zszlviv. Of course, it is not the case that the quartz wallets are changing almost a quarter to a quarter. The Galaxy S10 + has to cost $ 345,000 in gross pounds – the shaggy, but the mysterious shoulder has to be put in the pocket.

s mg is a fles

With the S10 +, the Samsung j, the flip flops, the Galaxy Buds are more accurate. Kslkek is a well-known mr, concept "airpodos", that is, there is a bit of flattergat that we can carry with us. The flesei of Samsung has a flush of flicker, that is, we do not hang them in the film, but before the rubber, the sound can be inserted in the front part of the ball. To do this, you should also use the eraser to make sure you use it – but you can also swap the strap on the edge of the instrument, or turn it into a machine, and you can choose the best fit for the user.


The Galaxy Buds also comes with a cheese truffle applet, which can be immediately surprised by the Bluetooth prosthesis – now you can take your meat out of the box, and they automatically switch on your phone. The application also has the ability to set the sound, the bass sound can be used for treble sounds, or the individual flesek tltttsgt can be used to indicate the sound. It is also a handy feature to look for mixed flesh, and then the app will smack a high on the flush, which can penetrate – but before you use it, make sure not to use a flip-flop.

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In addition to the proper insole, ie jl-pick rubber, the Galaxy Buds is designed specifically for st sound, with heavy bass, even if it is shuffled on the bass. The widget can also be activated by software, although the widget is not really useful. The groin of the flesh is a fight that shakes the scissors in a bks, and draws a smile in a double piece, and the length of the rhinestones can be any function, high or high. In our experience, the rhinestone handles not the Galaxy Buds erssge, it was only the third quarter bkst recorded, and the double bkseknl only reproduces relatively large bursts, they are not always.


However, fles mgis j jkgm is used, the system is used once: it is not connected or is ignored, man is just lost and used. To do this, the right wireless landlord, the paprforme flesek, produces a large six, and the case extends it with another ht – which did not break the grittl of grittl. The compact can also be used as a guide to what Apple has created – this Galaxy Budsn feature is included in the gross cost of 50,000 HUF. With that, allitl is the biggest rivile, and a great user and sound buzzer will hit the market – it can be a little weak.

For data protection reasons, you should always activate the button before sharing at a certain time. With this solution, the third fl can not track the camels on HWSW, which is our key.


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