Red can be traded in Budapest


MTI is quoted by MTI on Monday at the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE).

Photo: / Szabó Dániel

Márió Kocsis, an analyst at Concorde Securities Zrt., Said: Because of the unfavorable international climate, a decline is expected in European markets when trade is opened, and BSE is likely to follow the international trend.

He commented on the main shares that Mol has the best technical image, while the OTP exchange rate should move sideways.

According to analysts, investors will be attending Wednesday's meeting of the Federal Reserve (Fed) of the US Central Bank.

Bálint Kovács, deputy chief analyst at Equilor Investment Ltd., said in a comment that trading on the Hungarian stock exchange could take place in a narrow band without a direct direction.

He pointed out that the European Banking Authority (EBA) published the results of a stress test on European banks over the long weekend that all banks, including OTP, jumped.

The stock index of the Budapest Stock Exchange, the BUX, was 710.49 points, up 1.95 percent, and closed at 37 155.21 points on Wednesday. The stock market turnover was 18.6 billion HUF. Mol grew HUF 30, by 1.01 percent to HUF 3006, with a turnover of HUF 4.2 billion. The OTP share price increased by 300 HUF, 3.00 percent to 10,300 HUF and its turnover was HUF 10.7 million. The Magyar Telekom exchange rate did not change, reached 391 forints, its turnover was 398.8 million forints. Richter's share price increased by 150 forints, from 2.90% to 5330 forints, and stock turnover reached 2.2 billion forints.


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