Received 150 million of the city for the club, Illés for 1 HUF


The Municipality of Szombathely County Municipality held a general assembly on Tuesday evening. In the end, MEPs voted for the support of HUF 150 million for Progress in NB I Football, whereby the football club is more likely to overcome the shortcomings identified by the MLS Licensing Committee.


The City Assembly decided, under strict conditions, to vote in favor. At the general meeting, Béla Illés, the principal owner of Haladás, said: When Halmill Kft became the main owner of 44% of the club's ownership in 2007, the club grew up in NB II, but has been at the forefront since its inception.

Report on the General Assembly says that Elijah arrives around midnight at 10am from 10am this morning "They were impressed, the salaries were gone, but the goal was to have the club in first class."

According to the portal report, at least one billion forints are now required for cutting-edge performance.
To obtain a license, it is mainly the anomalies and the estate of the stadium necessary to settle it.

In his speech before the vote, Elijah said that if they received the $ 150 million grant, the landlord would undertake to increase the additional amount in default to obtain the license, but also stated that "An investor comes in, handing in a forint."

In the first round, Haladás did not receive the initial NB I and MLSZ NB II clearances last week – along with DVTK and Mezőkövesd – clubs have the opportunity to present their shortcomings by May 3. .


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