For four years, however, he has just left several companies to prevent his success from being linked to the state.

Bank of Budapest borrows 2.99 billion HUF to reform the BDPST Zrt of Tiborcz István. To the Adriatic Palace, overlooking the Szabadság Square in Pest – Reply online. In the contract, the company is represented by Gábor Sájer, who previously worked as head of Elios, the case was also dealt with by the European Anti-Fraud Office.

The page contacted the BDPST about how Gábor Sájer enters into the contract, he was informed that

Gábor Sájer, currently working as an independent businessman, has long been in business with István Tiborcz, majority shareholder of BDPST Zrt.

With this transaction, the stock of real estate under the majority influence of the BDPST Group exceeds 13.2 billion HUF.

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