Pentecost: The Presidency did not approve Eb


The presidency of the Fifth Hungarian Association returned to the professional committee on 6 and 11 August for the men's and women's team. list of the team that will travel to the Olympic Qualifying Championship in Bath.


In the case of Zsófia Földházi, the medical control and the inspector can decide the affiliation of the team (Photo: Tumbász Hédi)

For the time being, the presidency of the Fifth Hungarian Association did not approve the proposal of the professional committee on the composition of the European Bathi Championship in early August. Ákos Kállai, the women's captain, turned to the professional committee with the suggestion that Zsófia Földházi, injured in the season and would only start in a single race, would be involved in sanitary control and participation in a survey, but the professional committee accepted this with reservations from the House of Housers only in February Cairo in the early 19th century c.

Finally, it was decided that Alekseev Tamara, Sarolta Kovács and Junior Guzi Blanka and Gulyás Michelle, who received the silver and bronze medals in the national championship, would be presented to the association's presidency. However, the board did not approve of this and, as the meeting also included the suggestion of the first captain, the committee was invited to support a medical examination and a survey, for example, participating in a foreign competition for Zsófia Földházi. decide on the fate of the competitor.

"My opinion is that, in the case of Zsófia Földházi, who is injured and who recently underwent surgery, I would definitely need medical advice, and I would also like to support her in the Belarusian international competition, tested by Bence Demeter, who is injured for a long time. " He said Ákos Kállai.

The presidency also urged the professional committee to reconsider the composition of the men's team because János Martinek, a federal captain of the European Championship, did not recommend Barde Kardos, who was an adult national champion late last week, alone or in the case of accounts.

"The request is for the professional committee to consider being included in the Bence, which would have a great chance of reaching an excellent result in mid-July in the former world championship, so the presidency did not question the participation of individual runners, Ádám Marosi, Bence Demeter, Róbert Kasza and Gergely Regős " He said János Martinek.

The professional committee, either next Monday or next weekend in Tokyo, may meet again and present a new proposal to the presidency.


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