Over time, usable products take over the smartphones


The folding display and the generalization of 5G connections will lead to the emergence of completely new business products and models.

Walter Ji, head of Huawei in Western Europe, believes that the design of foldable smartphones designed for 2019 can be replaced with wristwatches and other worn out products in a few years. "Until now, however, they have not sold many usable products, such as wristwatches, but the concept may change with the appearance of 5G and with the development of artificial intelligence. These tools are not only useful for people, but also for animals. or for raising cattle. "

"The next 5 to 10 years will continue to be smartphones, maybe they will change format." We have seen how functional phones have been converted into big screen models. Next year, foldable display devices will arrive, and perhaps a few years later, Smartphones will take on the functions of smartphones.This can happen if a screen is put on the wrist.But more importantly, the user experience will be independent of whether it is about a smartphone, a product or the Internet of things. tomorrow will be shared by hardware and software, "said the manager.

Walter Ji added that people are now sharing photos on people's social networking sites, tomorrow they will make videos and the launch of 5G will be a network that has never been experienced by users. It also says that the cost of data transmission is becoming cheaper and cheaper for consumers. The first Huawei-compatible 5G smartphone is expected to be next year. The company manager in Western Europe also pointed out that the concept of jigsaw puzzle has not been successful so far because the user experience was not satisfactory but this can be improved in the future.

"We were happy to be ahead of Apple and we became the second largest smartphone manufacturer." We paid to invest in user experience and research and development, we worked on our own chips and made great progress in software development. our goal is to maintain this position, but to continue to advance.We aim to be a global market leader without the US market.In this process, Europe is very important to us.In China we have been market leaders for many years with our brand Honor , our market share is over 30% and more than 20% in Europe, "said the manager.

Walter Ji stressed that a European and a Chinese use their smartphone in a completely different way. In China, more than 90% of customers want their device to always be online and receive information and more than one application at a time. All of this leads to the fact that your devices need a bigger battery. 40 percent of Europeans, however, do not want to always be connected to the smartphone.

The Western European leader of Huawei finally pointed out that 5G's potential was impressive and he believed that the standard would change the world and society. If we look at companies today, it is almost nowadays just how digitization can make their processes more efficient. Thanks to 5G, scanning will be everywhere and the pattern will allow for many new business models. The 5G will not be comparable to 3G and 4G standards because people will digitize their lives throughout their lives.

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