Opposition candidates are already preparing for a match against Orban


On Tuesday at the Mozsár bistro in the center of the city, Gergely Karhaj and Csaba Horváth met for the third time to compare the mayor's ideas, but did not make it easier for those who would have stirred up among them in Monday's pre-election. Olga Kálmán, who moderates the event to a large consensus, is returning several times to discuss what the politician of the Dialogue and the MSZP can discuss among themselves, or will decide only on the basis of the mere sympathy of the opposition against István Tarlós.

Gergely Karörös, Olga Kálmán and Csaba HorváthPhoto by botost / 444.hu

At one point, Gergely Karörös also noted that when Csaba Horváth says something, he sometimes wondered if he had not said the same idea before. But Horváth also noted that most of their programs are identical in content. The two talked a lot about how capital should regain its state powers, and the schools and hospitals that were taken should be returned to the municipalities.

Orbán after the beard

At the same time, however, the two candidate candidates imagine their relationship with the NER as mayor. Csaba Horváth also finds it exaggerated that Gergely Karörös will appoint David Vitézy again as head of the BBK. Horváth would not let anyone approach the power, which had to do with Fidesz because it could cause serious problems. Then referring to the fact that Zuglo was one of the deputy mayors of Christmas, he said that when he was in II. he was a mayor of the district, he did not allow him to elect a deputy mayor fidesz.

With the bidding process, Christmas also agreed, but he finds it important to recognize that important things happened on public transport between 2010 and 2014, which are largely related to Vitézy. He is reminded of the logic of just looking at who his painting is. And while Zsolt Molnár followed the front-line debate, Christmas also called it a myth that Fidesz would have clashed with opposition politicians.

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Although the two-hour talks have made comments on István Tarlós's inadequacy, the two talked about the matches they would play with Viktor Orbán after the election.

Christmas sees this If we want to live in a normal country then we should behave as if we were living in a normal countrythen, the first day after his election, he would ask Victor Orbán to see when he would succeed. If the prime minister held the meeting, he would put an end to the protesters outside Orban's office.

As he said they keep the weapons dry because they are preparing for peace, but if they need to, they will be stabbed. If a civil war situation arose between the opposition-led capital and the government, it would be Viktor Orbán's loser because he would face hundreds of thousands of voters. He sees revolutionary changes always beginning in the big cities.

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However, Csaba Horváth does not believe that Viktor Orbán would change. As the prime minister noted about his more entrances, "The Canadian Knows the Old Jumbling Pig. According to him, with the NER, it is not possible to make a white flag waving, and the peace agreement could only be imagined by the government after the fall of 2022. Therefore, if he were the mayor, he would, as a first step, expressive referendum on keeping more money in the capital, something that the municipality would return to hospitals and schools. He is aware that these issues are not the responsibility of local government, but he believes the government may be under pressure.

Of course this would require a general assembly, which, according to Horváth, must be defeated by opposition candidates in at least 16-18 divisions.

Both said they have voted nine thousand in the two days since launch. Voting lasts until Sunday, this can be done at the MSZP, in addition to the offices of Dialogue in various parts of Budapest, in public tents or online.




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