Not a bad week for BUX


The stock index of the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) rose during the week, the BUX closed on Friday with 39,328.39 points to 741.76 points, up 1.92% from last week's close .

Weekly stock market earnings were 88.8 billion forints, after the previous week, more than 131.6 billion forints. Except for Richter, all the leading stocks were strengthened, in large part, by Magyar Telekom, with 5.46%.

According to the stock market analysis by Equilor Investment Ltd., this week the BSE traded with a negative correction in line with the mood of the international investor.

On Tuesday, the OTP withdrew the BUX, despite its completion, after its Friday report was still up, based on strong fundamentals.

Photo: VG / Vémi Zoltán

In the middle of the week, the Hungarian OTP and Mol Magyar Telekom also rose to GVH's decision announced on Wednesday to reconsider the mergers of Digi and Invitel. The Richter exchange rate was most affected by last week's weak flash report.

On Thursday the exchange was tired and the slight correction was due to the decline in OTP.

On Friday, the currency exchange rate of the Hungarian bank rose again and rose almost 1%. According to Equilor, a new negative correction is expected in the OTP, but in the short term the exchange rate may again be used to test the historical peak of the level of $ 11,780.

The price of Magyar Telekom was heated by buying rumors on Thursday but its moderate reality, but raised the stock price to 436 forints. After a slight correction on Friday, it still stood for 425 forints. Despite Mol's volatility over the course of the week, it continues to move in an upward trend channel. Richter gained strength after the fall of the week and can return to the level of 5400-forint – they wrote.

On Wednesday, after the market closed, Rába reported.

The company's turnover increased 11 percent in the third quarter but the company reported a quarterly loss of HUF 7 million after last year's gain of 2.9 million forints.

The forint weakened slightly in the first half of the week, but stopped at 323.50 and rebounded to 321.90. Compared to the dollar, the forint was most likely offset this week, thanks to the weakening dollar on Friday to almost 282.50.

  • Richter weakened this week by 1.48 percent, closed on Friday at 5320 forints, with weekly earnings near 10 billion forints.
  • Mol rose 1.04 percent this week, ending deals with 3110 forinton, with a weekly turnover of almost 13.1 billion forints.
  • The exchange rate of the OTP grew 3.33 percent, closing on Friday at 11,470 HUF, its weekly turnover surpassed 51.4 billion forints.
  • The price of Magyar Telekom grew 5.46%, closed at 425 forints on Friday and its weekly turnover was almost 5.6 billion forints.

The small and medium-sized stock index, BUMIX at 3837.76 closed on Friday, up from 138.98 points in the previous week, 3.76% higher.


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