NL: Kane in the final, England in the Fourth Final!


The England team reached the fourth game of the National League in Portugal, defeating Croatia in the final Group A Group A match in the final Group A game with the lead of Harry Kane in the last quarter of the game, going 2-1 in the last quarter of the game. The main Croats at 78 minutes, with the defeat, bid farewell to division A.

The British team in the end reversed and finalized (Photo: AFP)

League of Nations
England-Croatia 2-1
(Lingard 78, Kane 85 and Kramaric 57)

1. England 4 2 1 1 6-5 +1 7
2. Spain 4 2 2 12-7 +5 6
3. Croatia 4 1 1 2 4-10 -6 4


For both teams, the situation was clear before the game: victory over group domination and the quarterfinals of Portugal, defeat is a disadvantage – the Spaniards could have been happy.

The first option was in front of the Croats winning in the World Cup semifinals, Pickford did not want to take the risk of taking it home, but Rebic was caught in a shot, but his dismissal did not find a goal.

After that, however, the host was dominated by Sterling in the 11th minute but Kane could not shoot Kalinic but by the end of the first two Kane could have scored, but first he was defending the goalkeeper. Out of the penalty area, Kalinic wasted.

At 18 minutes, England had half a dozen corners, with 69% possession, and two powerful Croatian attempts in which Rashford could have scored the first goal but failed to finish the match.

The Crowns were penalized in the wake of the game, but the whistle remained silent, and Barkley's shot reached the limit, so the two teams played the first game without any goal.

But Kramaric's goal was led by Croatians (Photo: AFP)

After the interval, the English team stopped, but Sterling lost a new situation, and was a pity: in the 57th minute, the Croatian team made the decision. Kramarić he dribbled inside the penalty area as long as he could shoot, and his nap attempt was tied in the upper right corner (0-1).


They became even more relaxed, and the host, as well as the World Cup, started rolling again in the second half, so in vain the Croats made bigger positions, but Perisic crossed the front of the gate while Vlasic called for shaking opportunity.

And this time the English were punished, after a huge replenishment of Gomez to Kane, the ball hit the goalkeeper and hit the net minutes before Jesse Lingard but it certainly helped on a firm footing (1-1).


The Croats could have made a point in the 82nd minute, but Vida's head was blocked on the goal line by Lingard, and as usual in this match, the penalty came, after a free kick Chilwell left side Kane he put the ball in the net (2-1).


Another result was no more, so the Englishman won by 2 to 1 and entered the League of Nations. Fourth finals of Portugal.

September 8th, Saturday
England-Spain 1-2
September 11, Tuesday
Spain-Croatia 6-0
Friday, October 12
Croatia-England 0-0
Monday, October 15
Spain-England 2-3
November 15, Thursday
Croatia-Spain 3-2


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