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The 18th time National Film Festival Transilvania fdszgege idn time Nicolas Cage: The Ssn is a tvtele letmdj on top of the colossus with loland then Bonchid was hit by the latest movie, Mandy – The Wacky Cultto an open-minded bnffy (where he hunted again in knn kt rn), and also entered a masters course where he talked about his career in msfl rn, but he was honest.

Because he's going to make a mistake. lol Let's not mess up, on Saturday, we will see the Michel Gondry festival, which has filmed all the films of the festival, and this is the Oscar film. An immaculate mind shines It's a good idea to have a good business. For a bit of cheating: Gondry turned out to be a true man who came to the microphone barely listening to the first line. Nicolas Cage, however, did not cheat: let's start, we just had a seat in the conference room at the Platinia Shopping Center, but we were happy to take a photo, so we did not miss the opportunity to lose the 183-inch sleigh.

The torture was that the best movie of the kt was taken at the festival: lolwas heroic and v akifilmjeirl hres John Woo, which is also characterized by stlust operikn, and this stlus pp fits thus in the legendary figures tlspilta of Cage as admitted rockopern Mandy xrletez is a standard language (Bnffy-kastly was in its place with its bats). O lolIn Cage, he did not have to do any character like that Adaptciin jtkid, colleague John Travolt had to bring it.

Nicolas Cage ClujForr: TIFF

Mihai Chirilov, the director of the festival, Cage's sister in the master's degree, worked on the pnzrt: vgn mg also tried to crush him to sell The vmpr leaves. hr, mmm appeared. Chirilov exposed magert, but

Will not happen

cage vlaszed. The str is a surprisingly intellectual print that hardly recognizes Stni Castor Troy lol-bl or one Mandy bosszlljt. Francis Ford Coppola granddaughter Cage rtelmisgi and mvszcsaldi, his father was a literary teacher while the boy's son Super 8 cam, filmed. When the forest lmnyeirl crd, she said that the Tordan sbnyrl Tarkovsky Stalker cm movie came to mind (rumored to be filmed in Romni Dying of the Light, Ghost Rider 2. – The Power of Bad– now the Hungarian gulystl was released by Torockn). When the hobbyist was asking, he said he was reading with his children (Anthony Burgess Gpnarancs worker cm Robert Heinlen Stranger in a Strange Land cm sci-fije is his favorite film by Bergmantl and Tarkovsky. The name was written by avant-garde composer John Cage, because you jumped a lot with it when Coppolakn was at the lead of mg valdi, and he did not want to hear any words from the cast, only Francis Fordrl. He does not like the spotlight: he's not on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and he often says, and smartphones come with the camera on the Internet.

Cage is l / arc waterTo: NICU CHERCIU / Nicu Cherciu

As he said, dapja cinematic jubilee mr small son nmet expressionist movies nma (o Dr. Caligari s one Nosferatu was r with the largest snapshots), the cheese rhythm also explained: in the nmafilni, the spies had to neutralize the Nmasg with mime and exercise. Sound films dominate instead of fantasy, science fiction and photorealistic fantasy and belelsre pt, and like to bring humor to the play. She does not like the project, she's bored (for example. Elre a mltba), and you can do it with ice cream or improvisation. Always prblta core.

If you do not break, kznsg will not

David Lynch told him It has been lost forgatsn. (THE Mandy And before taking the film, he explained that he had ripped the pound before filming and tried to release the frustrations caused by the accident. at the Melbourne Film Festival (7 Cage films, under 14), laughing that

n do not go outside, and do not rtem, dying of that brki.

He became a broker, struggling to play on smaller and lighter projects: Coppolnl, Lynchnl, Scorsesnl, Herzognl, Coen Fivreknl. There were a lot of other commercial films (eg, Holdkrosok) because he was able to make an art project (The vmpr leaves.). Unsubscribe from a movie Mandy and Cage now pp on a level with sturgery, and will be filmed by Sion Son Prisoners of the Land of Ghosts When it was announced as a masters course for the event, you had to listen to the secret of success, and what you could do for young people, he said you should always consider yourself a tantvny (learning a big smile). He thinks that a sucker has to dare to risk and fall, because it could be that if he does not do it immediately, he starts to work. Oscar-djas filmjrl and great ttrsrl, a Las Vegas, vglloms-rl he said he had taken the movie
gysem I will never win the Oscar, do not die to do what I want?

In this master class, the highest number dropped. Arrl, like playing, told me that he did not drink the twist in filming because he did not remember his lines ( Dirty cop was completely jzan). According to her, the problem with drinking and drugs had fallen in the past, and filming was just a rash. he used to play the role of berging and get ready to learn his gestures, and the cheesecake brought a "drink coac" cheese: an alcoholic relative who had been involved in the dialogues. Much as he went to the role: he learned the best of the best filmmakers, Jack Lemmon (The Mg keeps the wine fresh and the rays), Kris Kristofferson (Star sets), Albert Finney (Under the Volcano), Dudley Moore (Arthur) s Ray Millandet (Frfiszenvedly).

There was a funny triclete, dying not recording a movie or filming a book: or a movie about juvenile, but it was broken on the laptop with Ferrari, and the only pldny that was considered the gi was destroyed. Krdjtl arrl, who would like to work with the organizers and with the help of: Dunkirkand kzl collie Jack Nicholsont and Al Pacin told me that pldakpei or dead sir (Marlon Brand was fortunate enough to know), or did you work (Sean Connery The rock forgatsn). He sought to be originally The puncturer but it is because he agitated the physical psgt, and he does not assume a role to play a role, he does not seem a form, but a rltsg.

They were asking a lot about how the slang name of the movie, which is now synonymous with the tlspilted figure, has become the most rhythmic moment of munkssg. One thing is boring with this ktes hrnv, because you take these parts out of the action context, but it also takes the positive side of the present: if someone creates kvncsisgt, how to put your character into a dhkitrs, and because of that, the movie will be mr


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