Mgis becomes Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro


So far, it was not the Eurod Redmi K20 Pro, but the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro nven would work.

The Redmi K20 Pro has been very upset with the mobile phone market since it is a cell phone that does not connect with the big but rtk but almost everything. So much so that Mr. Redmi called him J OnePlus before the show, and he continues to haunt the list with klnfle advertisements.

Forr: Xiaomi

Taln ppen was about to kiss her when she realized she was at the top of the class Redmi K20 on Eurpba Xiaomi Mi 9 T nven, Redmi K20 Pro mr not the bug mentioned so many in the scorching Pro model.

Fortunately, however, Redmi K20 Pro, mgis, will not be left in the knai market as will globlis. One of XDA's frenzy picked up the MIUI Kamers app in pieces and featured the Xiaomi Mi 9T Prra. Specifically, chromium rods eltrine: knai raphael, Indian raphaelin and Mi 9T Pro, did not show raphael_global to mg.


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