Lőrinc Mészáros has packed a shelf upstairs in the chamber of the Balatontours


BLT Group Zrt. And Balatonturist Group belonging to its stake are owned by the capital, Konzum Investment and Asset Management Plc., The company announced on Thursday. Konzum Mészáros Lőrinchez belongs, as well as BLT and Balatontourist, therefore, was nothing more than a small portfolio management.

According to the decision published on the BSE website, the Board of Directors of Konzum Plc approved the contribution of the BLT Group Zrt as the sole shareholder of Konzum Nyrt in the form of a non-monetary contribution to the Consolidated Shareholder Plc. 977.29 million HU for Konzum 3 Compensates 111 396 new shares in private placement. The Balatontourist group, belonging to the BLT, is fully consolidated with Konzum Plc.

The Board of Directors also accepted that the private equity fund KONZUM PE would raise capital in the stock exchange company due to the 9,677 billion forints claimed from Konzum Nyrt. Konzum offsets the contribution of the contribution, with a total of 30,809,580 new private equity shares, "he said.

The capital increases now published are part of the series of transactions announced in December 2017, which, after Hunguest Hotels Zrt. And after 18 national hotels and 5 foreign hotels, also belong to the stock exchange company, the Balatontourist group. Thus, in the case of both decisions of the Board of Directors regarding Konzum's tourism portfolio, the value of the new shares will be launched at the fixed exchange rate of December 11 of last year, that means.

The Balatontourist operated private and self-owned camps. In the 2018 season, 10 companies operating in Lake Balaton and a hostel are estimated at 1,715 billion forints.

Konzum Plc. Builds the largest hosting company in Hungary according to the announcement. The aim of the management of the company is to consolidate the professional management of hotel companies and campsites after the completion of the transactions, in order to exploit synergies and cost reduction opportunities within the group. The 88.43% of the most recent semester sales published by the brokerage firm and 64.44% of its consolidated results came from tourism.


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