Legionaries: I thought despite the difficulties – Sallai


Roland Sallai, a 21-year-old soccer player in Freiburg, talked about the difficult time behind him, the atmosphere of the locker room, the stimulating words of Christian Streich and why he clung to his return.

Roland Sallai is renewing him for the tasks before him (Photo: AFP)


"What a return he would have been if his stroke had lasted eighty-five minutes!"
"Oh, I was really happy to finally be on the pitch," said a 21-year-old Puskás Academy player. Sallai Roland, a striker from Freiburg who, after almost half a year of absences, played again a German champion and played football for twenty minutes, replacing Düsseldorf in a match that ended 1-1. "I left behind a difficult time and, for the first time in my career, I went through surgery for the first time and suffered a lot." Many times I was sad, fortunately, the people who approached me always hastened to help me. For months, I had a problem until one of the experts in Berlin offered a solution to the mystery. After the operation, only the ball floated in front of my eyes and I told myself to go ahead!

It was quite the wait of that moment, Roland Sallai, to hurt her
and after healing, even as a substitute, but
return to the scene in Freiburg (Photo: AFP)

– Set the end of April as the date of your first game this year. Are you disturbed by having "slipped" a week?
– No way. Although we wrote in early May, I had already signed up for Christian Streich's coach, but we agreed we would not take the risk unnecessarily. Most importantly, I felt no pain in the battle against Düsseldorf, it was good to kick again! I do not understand the end of my journey, I want to play more matches as soon as possible to get back to the top.

– In this case, the national team can benefit a lot.
"A lot of people gave up on my season and were scared they would not be 100%." Despite the difficulties, I believed in myself, I told Freiburg that I needed games so that, if so, Marco Rossi, captain of the Alliance against Azerbaijan, could count on me. I did not want to leave the season, I grabbed the last three rounds.

"He reached his goal when he was on Sunday for the last twenty minutes. What did Christian Streich, the team's coach, say?
– He gave simple instructions: I like the game, I try to play football vigorously, I shoot my part of the attack and defense. However, he indicated that it was not more important to my health. The professional staff was pleased that I met the meeting without pain.

– Freiburg have not had success since the seven league games but are sure to be at the forefront of next season. Are you satisfied with the performance of your team?
– We have achieved our main goal and escaped loss. Cheaters like seven wins in the series, including a single draw against reigning champion Bayern München who did not win us in the fall season … I feel that our place at the table does not really reflect the strength of the band.

– It is unique in the Bundesliga that his club builds its Germans in its start-up team. Do not domestic players form a closed community?
Since my arrival everyone is friendly and welcoming. In our team, the older and younger soccer players form a special mix, but we share the respect for each other. At first it was difficult to integrate because of the German language, but I am constantly learning; if there were any difficulties, we would overcome the problem of communication in English. Whatever my teammate might ask for help, we're like a big family. I only regret that because of my injuries, my season was not as successful as I planned. However, I learned from the difficulties of the past period and renewed the tasks before me.


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