On June 22, Meryl Streep, the triple Oscar winner, celebrates her birthday.

Born under Mary Louise Streep, nickname of Meryl's family. The fat, ugly girl, who was preparing for the opera singer, dropped her glasses, orthodontics and pounds as a teenager, dyed her hair into blond hair and soon became the star of the school's color circle.

He graduated from Yale University in 1975 and was nominated for the Tony Award for Theater Oscar the same year. For the first time in 1977, he was in front of the cameras in Juliet's film and a year later, he was nominated for an Oscar for Trumpet. In the film, he played with his partner John Cazale, who was lost in the year.

He fled from mourning to work, his first Oscar award in 1979 as the best actor, playing Kramer versus Kramer, a mother leaving her husband and son. The second Oscart took the lead in 1982, in the film Sophie's Choice, to form a Polish surviving the horrors of concentration camps, but losing their children.

Generally strong and stubborn but sensitive women also form an excellent romantic drama (Lieutenant of the French Lieutenant, Passionate, Haunted House), comedy (Death stands out for him, Postcards of the Slit), suspense (Silence of the Night), in action film (In Dangerous Waters) and Melodrama (Meaning of My Life, Melody of the Heart). In the romantic story about Far Eastern Africa, Robert Redford, a slow, emotional, makes the bridge in the heart of Clint Eastwood.

A witness to her artistic renaissance, shot in 2002 in The Clock with Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman, was awarded the Silver Bear for Best Female Actress in Berlin. The Devil uses Prada (2006) after a tyrant magazine editor at night organized by Lajos Koltai with his daughter, Mamie Gummer.

In 2008, Mamma Mama, made up of ABBA songs, sang and danced in the 60s, but it only took a few minutes in the second part.

In the Drama drama, he was a nun nurse, Julie and Julia – Two Women, a Recipe for a Recipe, in which they took a few pounds of themselves into the skin of two women, deceived by the auto-irony in the Simply Complicated Movie.

In 2012, in the Vaslady biopic drama, Margaret Thatcher received the Oscar for the third time by the former British prime minister. With that, he finally became one of the greatest, former "triumphant" Jack Nicholson, Ingrid Bergman and Walter Brennan, and the only four-time Oscar winner, Katharine Hepburn, is ahead of him.

An undeniable undeniable record of his own: 21 times, only four times in the last five years (for the August drama in Oklahoma, the wildlife adventure film, the worst performing musical biography of the imperfect voice of Florence and, in the year In the 1970s, he was nominated for an Oscar for his drama called Pentagon Secrets, which reveals a major dust whistle report. There are only three (Sir Laurence Olivier, Paul Newman and Katharine Hepburn) who were nominated for an Oscar for five Streep is also a Golden Globe record holder – he received the 31st nomination last year, won the award eight times and received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for two years.

In addition to his work and enthusiasm, he is also known for his quest for perfection. He also dominated the Italian (Heart Bridges), French (Julie and Julia) and English Accents (A Vaslady) for authentic training. For the sake of the Dangerous Waters, he learned to swim in the water when he formed a violinist in the melodies of the heart, practiced the instrument six hours a day for six hours and learned to play the guitar because of Dübörög's rock paper, and then Julie and Julia, professional chefs. he could peel and cut the onions one way.

Among her recent films, she was campaigning for women's voting rights in her historic drama, The Poppins, coming back for the kids and joining the second season of Emmy and Golden Globe winner Huge Little Lies. At the end of the year, a new version of the novel American Misses, an American classic from Mississippi, will be released and post-production work for Steven Soderbergh's documentary in Panama.

In addition to the Oscar and Golden Globes, he also received the Emmy Award, Tony, Caesar, BAFTA, the highest civilian American award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the French Honorary Star, starring Hollywood Street. First honorary member, honorary member of the American Academy of Arts, American Film Institute, Kennedy Center and Berlinale, Honorary President of the Berlin Festival Jury in 2015.

The actress, also known as humor, was the first to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine for the first time. He is free of the stars, assumes his age and openly expresses the not very flattering view of Hollywood.

She tells of her privacy, three sculptures and a son of a sculptor, and she's proud of her grandmother a few months ago. He has been involved in a number of charitable initiatives, campaigning to create a historic museum for American women, raising his voice for women's equality several times, and one that has condemned Harvey Weinstein, who has been tormenting the actresses for decades. A few years ago, he announced that he was setting up a lowell scholarship at the University of Massachusetts to support outstanding English and math students and set up a script workshop for women over 40.

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