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The Minor Chance is a somewhat clever Hollywood comedy comedy that, thanks to the duo of Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, works almost everything Hollywood is – and that is mediocre because everything is just manual in Hollywood. But it's still fun. Critical.

Show me a weird pair and tell them they would work on my ruin! They would have a good chance to work. It should be more or less enough for the two actors to have humor. And, of course, there is something that can not be defined, just noticed or lost.

Well, Jonathan Levine, the great thing Fifti-fifti it's horrible My mom! the director can see and use the potential of the relatively rare and comical Theron, and still so scowling, and the tough Rogen – and he is so preoccupied with trying to fix it in a rather shallow scenario compared to the genre.

O A little chance in fact, the I will be my partner Another great version of vulgarism, which has been placed in a great political environment, is linguistic (and sometimes pictorial) – this is not a very original idea either because I will be my partner also a Roman holidays was a kind of elegant and at the same time English, but undoubtedly a fresh and healthy response. And the genius of the genre, which, with all its tendency, can of course have a romantic effect.

This movie, we say, is not really elegant (or even a little), no basic will be, and the romance is rough at times, for example, we do not like Rogen for its sophistication. But as it should be, his charming work of art is pleasantly counter-stylized by Theron, who may also be greener than he thought early in his career, including being a good actress. He happily takes comedies, and this happiness is a A little chance also radiates. In Rogen, it's great to be able to always remain in the image of not strangling something that would be strange to your partners. If this happens, it will be joyful in itself without disturbing others in the best way. It's a fantastic comic book, and you can usually believe that you are not using professional dishes. But this only exists. Seth Rogen.

Here, however, most importantly, US Foreign Minister Charlotte Field must learn a thing or two about a durrbele, a neglected-looking journalist, Fred Flarsky – who also accepts the advice because she was then. the male nurse. Then, decades later, they found themselves in a tempting bet for the guy.

Indeed, there is no doubt that this will be the end of love.

Because these films are basically the rule that not only the end should be love, but be in the air for a long time – the viewer should feel that no matter how strange the pairing, the protagonists should have been together for a long time. Just paralyzed. But fortunate that fate (the writers) give them another chance, that's not an issue they will not lose now!

Because, as it used to be, the politician realizes how to let go, he really defends his principles and environmental program, not to get out of the blackmail – the journalist, among other things, sometimes has to shave, and check to be sure not to spy that. And they live happily. And obviously they will change many things, for example, the public will not be so prejudiced, they will prefer to see the politician as a promising machine. Very clear.

Yes, that's the way we go, and so we get to the place where these films usually arrive – and Theron and Rogen equalize as actors, and there are sugars when they secretly enter or a party explodes a bit It must have been Love dancing and singing so as not to demand what we would have beyond these.

For example, if artists have already bothered to build a quarter of a 125-minute film fairly, do not start going crazy at the end and do not save the usual assumptions. But they save, so the A little chance, although it retains its merits until the last painting, ends up being one of the productions of Hollywood that once seized and, in the name of "well, now, let's finish quickly", snatch everybody inside the hive and exclude everyone from the cinema .

There's no big problem with that, but that's what makes Theron and Rogen (or cool things like Bob Odenkirk, who's witty about his own TV career, or CGI, but he's completely disguised as the unscrupulous financier, selflessly) Despite the ripple of Andy Serkis) he can not A little chance be more than just a delicious summer lemonade.

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