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The coolest young Hungarian actors # 3

Your name: Renato italiano
birth: March 31, 1992
What we saw: golden age
theater: Jurányi

O golden age He is known as a gangster patron, and in the role of Márk Miklósi, he has been one of the most entertaining actors of recent times. In the popular HBO series, it was possible to present all human states of the human body through 24 parts, with little acting as such.

He was a bad kid, he came to his drama group because he heard that learning was looser there. After graduating he would have gone to a theater director, but that year he did not start, so he was enrolled in Gábor Máté's acting class, and he was in a class with Man Mark, Rujder Vivien and Andrei Waskovics, who already had participated in the series. He spent his practice at Radnóti and then strengthened his company at the Szeged National Theater for only a year, and in a frantic open letter of his departure, he reported last year. She has been a freelancer ever since.

Hanna, director of Batalha, was one of the first to watch her talent as an actress and put Renata in a bathtub with Gera Marina in shower in a short movie. He played an abused autistic boy (The inner side), the leader of street children (Galloping me) and an astute police officer (X – Excluded from the system). The Fresh Meat Winner, organized by Fanni Szilágyi End of adolescencein one of the iconic scenes of a puppy, standing in a pond shouts to the protagonists: "girls, come, I'm not ashamed of you, but not my big dick!"

He directed two small films with various theater performances (Heritage. Common Island) and a clip of Bëlga, to which the mother sewed rabbit clothes. Between the plans of the feature film is a sombre romantic drama and a chamber drama around the table in a medical setting, but it would also bring a famous peasantry on screen. Twenty days ago, Szabolcs Hajdu worked as a lighter for twenty days Treasure City will be filming this year's film, and will run for a director's masterpiece this year. Next time is golden age the main writer, István Tasnádi In another life You can see in your TV movie titled & # 39;

In the photo before the camera, when the "scene" is born for the first time, many months of planning, brainstorming, trials, are always the most wonderful moment. When we're finally there, it's all about when words come to life. Here and now, irrevocably, not anymore. After an hour, we will not remember that, because we have been chewing the next scene for a long time. In those moments, all bring their superior form, before and behind the optics, while the camera turns, the epicenter of everything. Renato recognized the sanctity of it in the first hour of the first day, and in so doing he honored himself heart and soul, full of gas and shimmering every day, every minute. Whatever you ask him, he faces the dramatic and physical challenges, serving as a real energy load for everyone on the set. Wordlessly, but through it all, he put himself in all the solutions, and I only saw it once in many years of falling out of his role when he had to pull a Ferrari for two hundred in a minute. For fifty seconds, Miklós Márk ran with the plane, but in the last ten seconds I saw the Italian Renato, the little one who lived his dream of life.

– Dyga Zsombor, o golden age director

What is your earliest memory of your childhood?

There was a girl in the nursery who liked it very much. We competed for that with another boy, we drove in the backyard. So we went for eggs and we liked it too.

Renato Italian in the early years


If you could lift something out of the world, what would it be?

Honest curiosity and empathy. The disinterest of the other is indignant. I see that in general we are more afraid to show ourselves and we are afraid to ask and know ourselves. It's very separate, cold and haughty – I'm sure.

Do you try to accomplish this in your life in any way?

I have to take all my strength to hear someone else, so I do not comment, do not want to hear about what is important or beneficial to me. Accept everyone for what he really is.

Renato italiano


What was the most remarkable moment of your life so far?

We watched a movie about my first girlfriend on my first date and she fell asleep on my shoulder. I thought I was on every rail. Then a bat flew and began to circulate in the room. Then one more. I tell you, I do not believe it! I was scared of them, I pulled my neck. Escape? I did not dare. Then came the third. I thought my life was a death, I took it and asked her to get it.

When did you last cry and why?

The last time I was in the family, I cried there. The next day I was so sensitive that I was talking to someone who had a black sweater. I told her she was so sad and I cried.

Which feature do you hate the best?

My selfishness. I can use the love of others for me. I'll tell you one thing I get a pathetic moment of satisfaction, but I know exactly what it inserts into the other.

What would you do if you played 500 million forints?

I do not know if I would leave it, but Balzac Lost Illusions of his book. It's a complicated and complicated story. I love reading how Balzac thinks about life. She is great and deeply human.

When did you find yourself a good actor?

In general, I've found that if I'm on stage, people can hear me. I told a poem at a ceremony, a horrible Mihály Váci, and he deeply touched two people. I felt I had the ability to impress others. That feeling, then, that you can do anything, was killed in college. After the theater, no one thinks of being a good actor. He teaches humility.

What is the best in your appearance?

That I can not grow a normal beard.

When was your closest to death?

When I was young, I lived on the beach with my crosses. We were in the water with my godfather, my godmother came in and said Renike, now leaves. I left and saw that they were crying in the middle of the sea. There I clearly felt that they had lost something. The look, the curiosity. Then my uncle died.

Have you come closer to your own death?

I had an accident, I had a gas gun on my head, but I was never afraid of death. That is, it will be. I'm much more afraid of losing someone I love. I'm afraid.

Who keeps their geniuses?

Buñuel, Rilke, Balzac, Bosch. I also look for those who love people who can enjoy life. These are cool properties in the world today.

Have you called something shiny that you did?

You know, it's coming. Now Nemes Jeles became the Hungarian Kubrick, and Hajdu Szabi also said that he was the new Cassavetes and the new Renoir. There is a compulsion to tell people about genius, but they do not need to be taken seriously.

What is the world of the film director closest to you?

Paul Thomas Anderson. I really like the language as it tells me. It is also cerebral, but it is often visceral, and this contrast is good. There is a very organized fool, and there is humor in everything. And, of course, Bergman, Antonioni, Godard, Fassbinder, Cassavetes, Kaurismäki, Almodóvar, Kusturica. Among the Hungarians, Gyula Maár, Jancsó, Szabolcs Hajdu and Zsombor Dyga. When I got to high school in KöntörfalakI was thinking that once I could work with this director.

If you get 100,000 forints and have to spend within two hours, what would you buy?

If I could get it now and I'd have to spend it, otherwise I'll call my friend quickly. I'm here now.

What kind of food can you cook better?

Layered pasta.

Do you want to get married?

Well, let's leave that question for now. Now I can hardly imagine, but it can also happen.

Have you ever thought about asking for someone's hand?

Yes, I was asking for such a weak cry and then I was scared.

Who do you think is better if you get in the elevator next to you?

From the primary school mathematician. Suddenly, I wonder if my house is ready.

And we say a Kusturica?

Not him. Pumpkin I'm embarrassed anyway, I can not know you. If they know me, I can be open, but I'm sure they would not go to Kusturica. Do not ask for a photo or just talk to him. I do not know how to start this conversation.

Is there any concern about the imminent extinction of humanity?

No. I never ask for a purse in the store, put it in my pocket or take it with me. But I have a diesel car, so I pollute the environment completely.

Has Metoo re-evaluated anything about you?

No. The super is that a man or woman with power now thinks ten times to take advantage of this subordinate. But it was strange what a friend told me: in Denmark, she asked for help to carry her heavy things. A girl came and when my girlfriend told me to talk to a man, she left. I hope there is something constructive about it and that this movement also highlights the fact that, above all, we respect each other.

Do you believe in something greater?

Absolutely. I am a reformer, if I may, I go to church on Sunday in Tiszavasvári. I used to pray, meditate, believe in energies, supernatural. It is also something that came from the world: the awareness that it is not just what you see.

What was your most memorable rebellion?

I began to rebel against the fact that I no longer wanted to hurt people. When something bad is bothering you and you say I can not tolerate it, Renato. This is too hard.

What harmful passion would you have if it were not harmful?

Engine acceleration and base jump.

What was the last movie that bothered me?

The house Jack built. But I waited a lot.

What was the biggest disappointment in your life so far?

Szeged. I've had a lot of work-related disappointment. Sort of something that was not lost. Or in my relationship, when I thought I was good at what I was doing, I ended up hurting my love. These findings are very disappointing.

What's your worst fun?

I love to hear graves. O Mozart! a musical There is a place to dancefor example I can cry. Or Rye Magdi Milky Way .

Why can not you sleep at night?

The look of unfinished works. In fact, I have done many things, but not enough, something still needs to be done, and it is very difficult to calm down. I tried many things.

For the last time, which actor did you think you would like to play?

Gábor Nagypál MacbethI felt it would have been good. Not for me, but I would have played.

When did you get the most out of yourself?

O golden age after the first season. I was locked up at the university and then I got out of there in a huge thing. Actually, I stepped in the middle, but I figured it was suddenly ten. Many tapas had to say goodbye, sorry. For example, I neglected important things. What's more important than saying is going to the television show where I'm nominated for a prize. That night, I left my very good friend in a very important position that I can not forgive myself ever since. He sympathized with what Kusturica wrote in his autobiography: he did not get his first Palme d'Or because he promised his friend to take the kitchen. Maybe it was not, but the attitude still likes it.

Say a very good act of acting that they do not praise enough!

I remember three women. Vicky Krieps Phantom fibershows in Alba Rochrwacher The saint and the wolfand Orsi Tóth. I feel like you can not see this wonderful actress recently. There was a moment in a shootout that I really liked: how Orsin changed his face from a glass of vodka even though I knew he was drinking water because we took it ten times. What he does is act real for me.

Which movie did you see most of the time?

O Men in black 1-2 and The Godfather 1-2 with my brother or what? AmadeusI'm sure I've seen it ten times. There's really a show I've seen most of the time: 14 times Ledarálnakeltűntemet.

Tom Hulce on Amadeus


Whoever tells you is like him.

Tamás Keresztes. Once at a party, a guy came up to me that you were the best Hungarian actor. I say thank you. That's what he said. LajkoYou did it, divine.

What is the worst thing you know about yourself?

How can I smell it? If I'm somewhere and I need to smile, I can smile and hide what I really mean. It's a shameful thing, that's what I spit.

Have you accepted the job you were ashamed of?

It was during the trial that I felt something that would be infinitely embarrassing. We had a lecture at the university, the viewers liked it, but we hated it.

What would your life be like 15 years from now?

Fine. I want to be a director, it's more important to me than becoming an actor. I want to be a person who understands the world. Thoughtful man that can not be overcome. I really want to meet people. Not knowing, not using it, but helping it in some way. I want to be more empathetic, I want to be honest, I want to do what I believe. I do not want to sell myself.

How would you like to die?

After my parents. If I have a wife then. If I have a child, then he is certain of his future. I would like to do what I was doing.

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