Gábor Göbl was personally appointed by Miklós Kásler as a member of the College of Cultural Festivals. There is no longer a name on the NKA website.

O answer He noted that the Minister of Human Resources had removed his NKA member to the Jobbik party, called Gábor Göbl, the bassist of the Moby Dick orchestra, which had just been removed for two months. Göbl's name is no longer on the NKA website. O answer you know it was removed because of a conflict of interest.

Gábor Göbl was not appointed for two months. Not a few days ago on the NKA site, he is Gyula Harangozó, art director of the Szeged Outdoor Games and Gabriella Igyártó, cultural manager as a person nominated by the ministerial authority.

For now, it is not clear what exactly was incompatible with the NKA members.

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