A forgotten half-hour record long ago was taken from the fifty-year-old honeymoon of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in Amsterdam.

Lennon and the avant-garde filmmaker married on March 20, 1969 in Gibraltar, Britain, after two and a half years of knowledge. In 1969, the famous couple turned their honeymoon into a pacifist ceremony with the help of the international press.

The Hilton hotel suite in Amsterdam was called a "bed-in" for world peace: "Love, not war!" in the spirit of the slogan. The week spent a couple smoking, eating, singing, playing guitar, giving interviews to journalists. A Dutch film crew also recorded a two-part documentary and 84 minutes – a kind of video record – at the couple's request.

The recording was only released once, shortly after the honeymoon, and even that year it was part of the Edinburgh Film Festival program, and then disappeared in the KRO's Dutch public media archive.

He worked here in the 1980s when Jan Hovers found the can on Mr. and Mrs. Lennon's honeymoon when the movie was released. The man was allowed to keep the record, which he thought was only a copy and then he had forgotten about it.

While Amsterdam remembers the 50th anniversary of his wife's unusual Beatle and honeymoon, a former colleague of Hovers remembered mentioning to him at that time the special recording Hovers had finally taken from his basement.

Mark Lewinsohn, Lennon's biographer, murdered in 1980, said he had no idea of ​​a 30-minute recording. "This is a great addition to the archive," said Lewinsohn, adding that the half-hour film helps to better understand and appreciate what Lennon and Ono did.

In the colorful filming, whose details were shown on television, the two are wearing long white pajamas in bed on different days. In one part, Lennon is sitting in bed playing guitar, eating in another and a third looking behind to sleep.

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