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Jia Express expressed drmai ads, the happy winner here

In recent days, only the legions of Janicsk Veca, prja, bel, and Horvth Grta, Dvid were interested, and the fate of tens of millions was among them.

Second Jury Express also collapsed, taking place over six weeks across the rival chrome country: involving marshmallows, sparkling shiny palace chests, and then breaking braids on a dirty concrete floor.

task for the finalists on the last day, the desperate race turned all over. The first task involved running a lot, stress, excitement (they couldn't use car, motor, bike) and then having to solve a mystery in a park. They also had to write a subtitle with a Braille Braille and were tasked with balancing it.

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On race day, Grtk seemed to be getting a big lead, but he had to keep a huge sun in balance for three minutes and his new problems. In Janicsk's thinking, they were hopelessly losing, but Horth Grta's pulse wasn't so strong, she was overtaking, crouching, hissing, and nearly falling into her prostate.

Slugs and tapas

Mks would have the task of deploying the next mission if the pp had not been $ 10 million. The young Thai people received a headset and never heard Hungarian popslgers (of course, fake videos), and professionals had to acknowledge that. Nha did, of course the company was great.

It was possible to get to the second key, and that was the job of the ads, but probably the coolest was. At one point Cherry Dvid tried to solve a complex math problem with a silly face, and at httr the bride alternately chased a young Thai man who, with a smile, lit her and slapped her. Sure, he's not Brth Horvath Grt, but he's full of reality, Mr. Ri, triumphs all his moods, a lot of conversation and English is very funny.

Vge became exciting

The keys were needed to unleash an elephant statue chained to his tuktuk, but the gpjrm climbed into the city, suddenly changing direction, and his troubles brightened with the statue's collection. Chiang Mai was looking for the pros at King's Park, but of course everything was fine. Grta had been drunk for a long time, almost fainting because it took a long time to find the tuktuk and then hitchhike.

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With that they won, Dvid Meggyes and his fiancee Grta Horvth: she was very lucky with the last sixth song, grgtz, beautiful place. A brutal six-week heroic fight broke out, everyone was strong, and the winning professionals were obviously terrified of the fdja.

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Janincsk Veck also competed sensitively, giving away everything, and ended the adventure in Southeast Asia with millions of forints and lots of money.

Viden the run:

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