Index – Tech Science – A new Samsung S10 5G is on fire


A South Korean claims that the new phone, the latest version of Samsung's latest top model, 5G, a Galaxy S10 5G, burns and burns for no particular reason, writes BGR.


The user also posted a photo of the cell phone, which he said was lying on the table when the smell burned began to spread, and then put in the smoke. When he took his hand, he had to throw it away, it was so hot, and his insides were burned, "he said.

Samsung did not disclose the details of the incident, but the company denies that the device was the cause of the accident, they think it was the result of an external impact, so they do not pay the user.

The South Korean company would be particularly uncomfortable if the S10 5G was flammable due to some internal problem because they had found a similar one a few years ago with note 7, which had a big scandal. Also, it was shortly before the release of their foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, that they could not handle the crease very well.

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