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Compared with the starting grid, the WTCR's second race, the Nürburgring Nordshleifen, had a relatively low advantage, Johan Kristofferson beat Volkswagen and Frédéric Vervisch, third-placed, was second and last in the long straight ahead of Augusto Farfus became the third podium.

In the final round, Gabriele Tarquini, the defending champion, attacked Rob Huff against Carousel, who fell off the wall. Tarquini finished fourth and behind him

Delivering the best results of Attila Tassi's mountaineering career, he became the fifth.

Norbert Michelisz fell back to sixth after the start of the first round due to the shock in the first second, but he was in 8th place, but concentrated on 4th place.

At the end of the first round, there was no Hungarian

As it was only 50 minutes between the two races on Saturday, Huff could not start the final race of the weekend because the badly damaged Volkswagen could not be caught in time, so the second race was empty on the second start ahead of fourth place by Michelis. But the moments before the start brought another drama from Michelisz, Guerrieri's car from third place, and it began to leak a little liquid – but despite the failure of the clutch, he was able to start.

Michelisz collided with Frédéric Vervisch at the start of the first round, and the Hungarian driver at Hyundai broke the obstacle, so he finished the last race of the weekend for the last race of the weekend.

By the time the field left the GP track for the Nordschleife, there were already six out of tune with Huff and Michel, who did not enter the match, then joined in the middle of the overwhelming Honda because of the overheating of Honda and Atila Tassi. whose car was later lit.

In the second round, Kristoffersson, returning from the grass, winning the first race, fell on the track, almost overwhelmed by the enormous speed. Before that, Nicky Catsburg tried to avoid a bit of slowness, but Catsburg, pointing back in the battle, pointed to the radio.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Leuchter, Vervisch and Guerrieri were divorced at the top by the third round by Jean-Karl Vernay, but the quadrant ended in that order, so Volkswagen Kristoffersson and Leuchter won two victories this weekend.

Esteban Guerrieri is still leading, with 214 points midway through the season, with Norbert Michelisz coming out with 169 points and the third being Thed Björk with 159 points. Continue from July 6 to 7 in Vila Real, Portugal.

The final result of the third race may change after it seems to be running very fast at the 120km / h limit on Tassi's car.

The final result of Saturday's first race

The final result of Saturday's second race

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